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roblauerin's Avatar roblauerin 10:41 AM 07-23-2012

in NY, a physical & dental exam are needed every other I was safe last year. My doc doesn't give me a hard time, (anymore), but I'm afraid of what the school may do. I was fortunate that they didn't question my exemption when she started Kindergarten. ugh. this always puts a knot in my stomach :( Also, I am unable to find the NYS exemption form online. When I do, I get a 'run time error' pop up & I can't print it out...I would appreciate any suggestions!!! Thank you! :)

ma2two's Avatar ma2two 11:22 AM 07-23-2012

I don't think you need to file an exemption every other year in New York. But here is the sample form anyway.

roblauerin's Avatar roblauerin 04:19 PM 07-23-2012

Thank you for the reply! :) I still can't can't get the form up though, maybe it's just my old computer...

ma2two's Avatar ma2two 05:43 PM 07-23-2012

It is a PDF file, so you would need to have downloaded Adobe Reader to view it.

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