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Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 09:29 AM 08-14-2012

Too right Paul, finally you get it thumb.gif






I think we should call these exemptions what they really are. Let's not sugarcoat this choice. We should call them the "I do not want to get vaccines because I have read a lot of scary things about vaccines and I am afraid that they might hurt my child, and I am not so sure I believe in pharmaceutical companies or the medical establishment or the government, so I do not want my child to get them" vaccine exemption. That would be, I think, more honest.

Thanks for your attention.



ETA: you need to register with medscape to see the video/read the transcript.

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Taximom5's Avatar Taximom5 10:30 PM 08-14-2012
What video/transcripts? I don't see a link.
Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 06:25 AM 08-15-2012
Originally Posted by Taximom5 View Post

What video/transcripts? I don't see a link.

Silly me, I forgot the add the link. I have edited my OP to add it in. 

serenbat's Avatar serenbat 06:57 AM 08-15-2012

yea, sucks because I am in PA (and I can see us changing like NJ &NY!!) and he is the go to person when ever the tri-state papers need quotes irked.gif throw in lots of big pharm (and their local $$) in my state and we have a rotten mix

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