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mrsmommyface's Avatar mrsmommyface 12:38 PM 08-20-2012

Hey ladies,


My little one just turned two and has a well child visit on Friday where she is *supposed* to get 3 shots (I need to see which ones)

The thing is, I've been trying to do more research on vaccinations for her sake, and for the sake of the one we have on the way. I'm in my last year of college and here is my delimma----


School for me starts on Monday the 27th (same with her daycare)

Daycare will need her updated shots or that affidative exemption form (I just ordered it online today, is there any way to get it sooner?)

I don't think I will have the affidative in time for her to go to daycare, but I really don't know how I feel about giving her more shots. I say I'm in a bind for time because I don't know if they will deny her at daycare till we bring something, and I just can't miss the first couple of days of classes since I'm practically student teaching.


Any advice? Will a note from the doctor buy me time with daycare you think? I have NO idea about laws and all that with daycare/schools and immunizations. I'll take any advice I can get! 

kathymuggle's Avatar kathymuggle 04:23 PM 08-20-2012

Where do you live (province or state)?

Marnica's Avatar Marnica 10:55 AM 08-21-2012

I suppose will depend alot on where you live. Personally I would NEVER vaccinate my child to satisfy a deadline.  I would only do it if I had researched carefully and come to the conclusion that getting the said vaccines was in the best interest of my child. IF I could not supply the daycare with an exemption in time for the start and iIcould not miss work/class, I would hire a babysitter for a few days until I could get the exemption.

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