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I am Catholic and from a very small rural area in Illinois.  I have been pouring through this site trying to get my ducks in a row for my son.  I am reading how it is smart to have an exemption ready in case you have a trip to the emergency room etc... (I wish I would have had one with my 3rd son a couple years ago...... ER nurse not so friendly:(  


Anyway...... this is my question.  As far as I can tell IL has no philosophical exemption.  So we have to go with religious exemption.  I know Catholics can morally object to vaccines with fetal cells (rubella and varicella, I think) and Hepatitis A and B because of the nature of the diseases.  That is great.  However, we don't immunize at all.  I don't see how I can write a religious exemption stating I am opposed to vaccinating when everyone in our town knows we are Catholic.  Even the football  coach I have to turn this form in to.  The head coach actually is a member of our tiny parish and sees us doing the music for Mass every week!  What do I do??

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There's some fantastic exemption examples online about trust in God. 


I am not of an organised religion (and luckily in the UK there is no need for an exemption) but when I was looking at moving to the states with my American husband and daughter, I looked in to it. 


You do not need to state what religion you are, simply what your religious beliefs are. 


Personally I believe in God or something (still haven't quite worked it out!) but I would have been happy to use the religious exemption examples that quoted the Bible as I feel we can learn from so many places - Trusting in God, trusting we were made to function perfectly, trusting the immune system God gave us and so on. 


My main reason for refusing was the risks of injury but also the belief (and evidence) that a well supported immune system is a healthier way to prevent illness or recover quickly with life long immunity. 


So this fit in well with the examples given of trust in God and the body we have been given.


I'm sorry I don't have a link but I'm sure a bit of googling will help you. 


Hope that helps!


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I'm Catholic, too, and the Church unequivocally gives us the freedom to follow our consciences. I'm hauling kids to school right now but later today will post or PM you some supporting links. :-)

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 There was just a thread about what the law in IL states

The following it the exact wording used in the law. 

The objection must set forth the specific religious belief which conflicts with the examination, immunization or other medical intervention. The religious objection may be personal and need not be directed by the tenets of an established religious organization. 

It doesn't matter if what your religion is, It is your personal beliefs and how you interpret what God is telling you.  

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I was raised Roman Catholic - baptized, catholic school k-8, confirmed...the whole nine yards.  DH wasn't confirmed but is of some catholic denomination.  We are most like baptising our DD (currently 9mos, so we're past the typical age already) through my MIL's church which is Ukranian catholic.  I could care less either way as neither DH or myself are practicing members of any organization, not fans of "church" although I do have things I believe in.  Anyways we're planning to send our LO to a Montessori which happens to be Catholic based (they accept anyone of any religious background) and I plan to file a religious exemption.  I may be Catholic, but I don't think being that means I can't make my own interpretations on religious beliefs.  I'd love to get a medical expemption based on some bad vax reactions DD experienced after her 1st two DTaPs (thus leading me to no longer vax rather than selective) but the pedi is less than receptive to the idea thus far and thinks my waiver signing to not vax is only temporary.

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I recommend going to the following site:


It lists very specific information on why vaccines are not OK for Catholics.  There may even be a sample exemption letter.  Obviously you shouldn't write verbatim what is on their site, but in NY (where I live) you are required to cite examples from the bible demonstrating why it is against your religious beliefs to choose not to vaccinate.  You are also required to state what religion you are a part of and need to be ready to be grilled for specifics.  Crazy that this is what NYers need to do, but its true.


Here is another sample exemption letter that was submitted by a Christian person:


Good luck!  You have nothing to be afraid or ashamed of.  If you have done your research then you know you are making the right choice to protect your babies.

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