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Lookingup's Avatar Lookingup 08:00 AM 08-26-2012

We're homeschooling our older one, but the younger one wants to stay in school for now.  Hubby keeps getting bounced around for work, and it looks like Vegas might be the next stop.  (We're in NY now and are so blessed to have no problems with our exemption.)  I know Nevada doesn't have a philo exemption, but I feel like someone told me their religious exemptions get passed very easily... yes?  Any experience, I'd love to hear it!  Thanks.

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 11:07 AM 09-01-2012

Anyone have any info to offer? smile.gif

EmmaJean's Avatar EmmaJean 12:52 AM 09-20-2012

Hi!  You can ask in the "Nevada" area of Finding Your Tribe for more info, but I used to live in Vegas and got our exemption easy-peasy!  I just followed the suggestions on the websites that give info on the different states' regulations. Here's mine:



December 6, 2007


To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute 392.437, we respectfully submit this written statement that our genuine and sincere religious beliefs prohibit us from vaccinating our child, James_______, born _____.







Erik __________


NRS 392.437 Immunization of pupils: Exemption if prohibited by religious belief.
A public school shall not refuse to enroll a child as a pupil because the child has not been immunized pursuant to NRS 392.435 if the parents or guardian of the child has submitted to the board of trustees of the school district or the governing body of a charter school in which the child has been accepted for enrollment a written statement indicating that their religious belief prohibits immunization of such child or ward.

Lookingup's Avatar Lookingup 03:42 AM 09-20-2012
This is very helpful, thank you so much!!!
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