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Symbi's Avatar Symbi 07:20 AM 09-11-2012

It seemed to be very small and did not appear to go in deep (fell out when he shook his foot). This was on Saturday. At first I didn't even see a visible wound, just a small red dot--not bleeding or anything, and I assumed that was because it didn't go in deep enough. The dot was darker (reddish brown) on Sunday and made me wonder if the thorn had gone in deeper than we realized. We have been cleaning his foot and soaking it in Epsom. My husband isn't concerned at all, but I am. Would you call the doctor on this or take him in for the TIG? 

Mosaic's Avatar Mosaic 07:22 AM 09-11-2012
I would not be concerned.
minerva23's Avatar minerva23 03:22 PM 09-11-2012

Just keep soaking it in alkaline solution (Epsoms) and he should be fine. If there is anything left in the wound it should come out. I would deem the TIG much worse than any puncture wound.

Marnica's Avatar Marnica 08:59 AM 09-12-2012

No I wouldn't be concerned. Keep soaking and perhaps clean with Hydrogen peroxide

wifeandmommy2-4's Avatar wifeandmommy2-4 10:11 AM 09-12-2012

I wouldn't be worried but when ever one of my kids get a minor pucture wound like that I do peroxide and give them extra doses of vit C.

Shanesmom's Avatar Shanesmom 01:23 PM 09-12-2012
I wouldn't be worried. Sounds like you are doing the right thing
nukuspot's Avatar nukuspot 05:58 PM 09-13-2012

I wouldn't be concerned for a minor wound like that.  We use hydrogen peroxide as well for little things like thorns and splinters.  It's the super deep or dirty or animal related things you need to start considering TIG for.

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