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Louisw's Avatar Louisw 11:24 AM 10-10-2012

It starts with REFUSING the MMR


"They won’t let us do the research; they don’t want to hear the research; and even if we do it no one sees it."




Several points should be clear after viewing this video.


o NO MMR ever


o A healthy GI Tract is protective against autism


o Autism is a complex multicausal disease


o "Vaccination" plays a LARGE part in autism


o Chronic bowel disease plays a LARGE part in autism


o Antibiotics play a LARGE part in autism


o Too many "vaccines" too close together plays a LARGE part in autism


o A normal functioning child can often be retrieved from an autistic child


o Curing the bowel disease is KEY to recovery


o Autism is a POLITICAL disease


o One in 25 kids have ASD


o There is no more important issue than autism and Childhood Developmental Disease


o Autism is a catastrophe for EVERYONE in our society


o This MMR scandal has the potential to be the greatest medical fraud ever discovered. It could rip apart the medical tyranny engulfing this poor country, most especially our kids. Please do your part to spread this video.


If you make it through the video treat yourself.




In 1968 I was hitchhiking into San Fran on the way to my girlfriends. I had gotten a ride in an empty smelly garbage truck and we were descending in to the bay area. The cities around the bay were beyond beauty and this song was playing. It was PERFECT. Several hours later the garbage men woke us up at 4am.as they banged the garbage cans. We were perfect. It was PERFECT. The people were perfect. The wine was perfect. The weather was perfect. Week after week things got better and better. It was PERFECT.


Then it was over and here I am and 1968 is gone. God I want to go back!

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