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I have a friend who's going to try for a baby in the near future and she's getting a lot of pressure from her PCP to get the DTaP - specificaly for the pertussis portion.  She's not sure where she falls at the moment on vaccines, but I believe she's somewhere in the select/delay and might go no vax after some reading.  She asked me if I had it done and I told her that no, I didn't do any boosters myself before, during or after pregnancy and she knows that we stopped vaxing DD after 4mos and some reactions.  I'd like to send her some links about SA treatment for pertusis so she can read up on how to treat it and maybe get a better sense of what to do based on that - I'm having some major wrist issues (one finger typing this!) so I can't really search old thread at the moment.  Any links would be appreciated!  Thanks :-)

ssun5's Avatar ssun5 10:37 PM 01-07-2013   That is the Hillary Butler info from Suzanne....


All things Vit C orngbiggrin.gif  Hope this might help!


And a wonderful place to find all things easily for Vit C links and info.

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Thank you!!

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