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emmy526's Avatar emmy526 04:37 AM 01-30-2013

I have to say, my second child was not, but the third and fourth were a joy!  My first vaxed child was a happy baby when he wasn't  sick.  I think my 2nd just has a different temperment altogether.  

kathymuggle's Avatar kathymuggle 06:52 AM 01-30-2013

All of mine were pretty happy.  My oldest needed to be held a lot - but he was content if held.  I think he was born that way, though, and the strong desire to be held all the time seemed to start at birth (before any vaccines)


My first was vaxxed, my second two were not. 

Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 07:08 AM 01-30-2013

I would say all three of mine were happy babies. My eldest DD, who was vaxed as a baby, generally was a content baby, my second DD, unvaxed, was definitely a happy baby. DS, unvaxed, came out a little PO'ed and did need some comforting as a very young baby, so I wore him just about the whole time for the first five months of his life until he could sit independently, he turned out to be my easiest in the end, still is at 13. I think he has had two minor meltdowns in his entire life. Not that my others have had many more.

Marnica's Avatar Marnica 10:08 AM 01-30-2013

yup - both unvaxed - both happy babies however I don't necessarily credit the fact they are happy to being unvaxed :)

Chloebelle's Avatar Chloebelle 10:26 AM 01-30-2013

Both my kids are unvaxed, and I would say my eldest was a happier baby. My  younger wasn't as content, and needed to be held more. Now that they're 4 & 6, my younger has a happier disposition, and my eldest has quite the attitude :)

minerva23's Avatar minerva23 01:10 PM 01-30-2013

My kids are definitely happy. We are singing all the time and having a lot of fun together. DD1 even sings in bed by herself right before she goes to sleep.

I would not credit that to them not being vaxxed. They are a lot healthier though than their peers.

sassyfirechick's Avatar sassyfirechick 05:29 PM 01-30-2013

DD is prtly vaxxed and in spite of some food sensitivities from the vaxes she did get, she's been a pretty easy kid.  I don't think she'd be any different if she had no vaxes although we might have all slept a bit better in the beginning if not for the tummy troubles!

eireann's Avatar eireann 10:12 PM 01-31-2013
Thank God yes, both are happy. DD doesn't whine, ever. She's really articulate, polite and joyful. DS is an infant and all people say when they see him is how smiley and happy he is. I cannot fully express how blessed I feel and am. joy.gif
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