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I'm Not Vaccinating > :-(
DharmaDisciple's Avatar DharmaDisciple 07:08 PM 02-16-2013
12 years ago a pregnant mum I met had a baby boy, perfectly healthy, really beautiful. She got him vaxed. He had a severe reaction and fitted causing severe brain damage. He never walked, spoke, intellectually impaired as well as being disabled. Last week I attended his remembrance service. He died in his sleep aged 12, he would have been 13 next month. I remember his mum crying to me once that she wished she had never got him vaxed. (I know it's rare) he was a beautiful soul now in Heaven :'-(

Chloebelle's Avatar Chloebelle 09:51 AM 02-17-2013

How sad :(

emmy526's Avatar emmy526 03:51 PM 02-17-2013


kathymuggle's Avatar kathymuggle 04:33 PM 02-17-2013


sere234's Avatar sere234 04:48 PM 02-17-2013
Wow, that's so sad. greensad.gif
Marnica's Avatar Marnica 01:21 PM 02-20-2013

that sux - truly heartbreaking

boomer78's Avatar boomer78 08:39 PM 02-22-2013

So incredibly sad. :'(

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