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MamaLynne22's Avatar MamaLynne22 07:12 PM 03-13-2013

Hi All!


It's been quite a while since I was on mothering. So long I'm not sure I ever posted in this group!


We have two children who are completely unvaccinated, and are going to remain such, and we're moving to a town in eastern Massachusetts next month


We are in need of a referral for a pediatrician/family practitioner who won't push us to vaccinate. Our current ped has been...okay about it, but I can see the push ("Are you still delaying vaccinations?" every visit) coming, so this is a good time to find someone else anyway.


BTW- yes, we said we're delaying to avoid grief for a while, and because DH wasn't completely on board with this, though he is now. I think the grief we were trying to avoid is just around the corner.



Marnica's Avatar Marnica 07:56 AM 03-14-2013

Don't live in MA so can't help you but thought to suggest x-posting this in the tribes area as well. Good luck!

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