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Kindergarten screening registration stress...I have an upcoming meeting with the school nurse during the kindergarten screening day.  During the recent parent info meeting, the nurse told parents to bring all vaccination records and medical history so she can go over everything with us.  I know they aren't SUPPOSED to question your reasons for a religious exemption, BUT, my gut feeling is b/c she is a new nurse, she might question it.  (Maybe I am wrong, but she might not have many dealt with many religious exemption letters yet.)


My plan is to simply attach the religious exemption letter to the medical history forms and leave it at that.  However, I am sure that sitting in a face to face private meeting with the school nurse opens up the questioning or a lecture.   I know I have read many posts on this forum about people having no issues, but has anyone ever been questioned by school officials and what did you say? 


By the way...Are they even allowed to ask about your religion, etc?  I have no problem explaining our religious reasoning, but does anyone have a short, simple POLITE answer for  me to use to explain this is the law and it is none of their business?    (Funny how after you fight the vaccine battle with doctors, you immediately go into defensive mode.  Can someone please help me change my mindset?)


With doctors, it became easier to stand our ground...HOWEVER, with the school, I would like to get off on the right foot and have a comfortable and positive relationship.  I have worked in many schools and know all too well how word travels about the "difficult" families".  Hoping that it will be a smooth meeting with no confrontation, but I have learned the hard way before - you never know what you will be asked. To give people the benefit of the doubt... Not everyone knows what they are allowed to ask.


To anyone who can give me suggestions - THANK YOU!   (I want to focus my energy on this fun and exciting day for my kids and not the dreaded meeting with the nurse which is causing way too much anxiety.)

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i know but it can be stressful. let us know the outcome.....

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I  would kindly but firmly let her know questioning your beliefs or religion is against the Constitution, and vaccine status is between you and your dr..

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Does she really need the papers that day?  My thinking is she wants them ahead of time so that she can tell you what you *need* done before they start school - ie, "oh hey it looks like you need a 2nd *whevershot*, you shoudl get that by this deadline".  If you can, just say you were unable to get the papers, ask when they need to be in by, say thanks and leave it at that.  That's sort of my plan for DD when the time comes - make sure she gets accepted/registered first (I'm shooting for a Montessori school here) then worry about the exemption.

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I've never had an issue (thankfully). My girl has been from one preschool to another, from one kindergarten to another, (not ideal, I know) etc - no one has ever questioned or lectured. GOOD LUCK!

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Thanks everyone.  

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