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romajo's Avatar romajo 07:27 AM 03-25-2013

Hi all,

I had posted over on the New Jersey Tribal area board, and was told I might have better luck with my questions over here. Hope that's okay!

Okay, so, my oldest is going to be four next month, and I am looking into having him start preschool in the fall. I am trying to figure out what the best way to go about a religious exemption is. I know if it's public school, we would just attach a copy of New Jersey's law, along with a short letter stating that vaccines conflict with our religious beliefs. Because the preschools are private though, it is my understanding that they have the right to deny him based on this, is that correct? If so, when/how should I bring the vax issue up with the schools? I read that most feel it's best to say nothing, and just include the religious exception letter in replace of the vax records when the time comes, but because this is private, I don't want fall to come and then there suddenly be a problem when they realize he hasn't been vaxed for things.

Also, New Jersey is pretty much an "all or nothing" state, right? Since I have to say it goes against our religious beliefs, it's best to act as though he hasn't ever been vaxed for anything, correct? (He was vaxed on a very delayed, selective schedule).

Also, does anyone have any preschool recommendations in Gloucester County? We are in Mullica Hill, and are strongly considering The Goddard School here. Probably a long shot, but is anyone familiar with this branch (or just have any experience with Goddard Schools in general?).

Any insight/advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

ErinMomma's Avatar ErinMomma 11:21 AM 03-26-2013

gods be good! theres another "free thinker" in s.jersey! i cant actually help you, my oldest will be 4 soon, however, i do not plan on sending them to preschool.  i believe in unschooling with some homeschooling. im in wenonah and ppl here say the preschool is really good, "all gods children", its held in a catholic church, i dont know if they include religion in daily activities. we dont vax at all and i just dont talk about it... i only talk to one mother in town, though so it doesnt come up... well, as i said, cant help but i just wanted to respond to another rarity around here... best of luck! 

shoremom1217's Avatar shoremom1217 12:06 PM 03-26-2013
There's a great yahoo group. NJVaccinationSupport
Lots of info and resources for school letters, peds, etc
romajo's Avatar romajo 09:51 AM 04-18-2013

ErinMomma - Thanks for the info, so nice to see another Gloucester County mama here! :)

Shoremom - I joined the yahoo group and posted, thanks for the suggestion!

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