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kathymuggle's Avatar kathymuggle 03:27 PM 04-21-2013

I know some of you dislike skeptic sites as much as I do (haters…cough….defenders of all things mainstream…cough……co-opters of a perfectly good word)


I found a site that speaks to this:



"In a climate such as this, it is so important to be a sceptic and to be able to recognise the difference between REAL scepticism and, what is far more common, pseudo (or false) scepticism.

REAL sceptics take responsibility for themselves and their families by doing their own research and making their own choices. These choices are unaffected by popular beliefs and unswayed by the mob mentality evident in so many government and medical community decisions today."


I don't know how great or extensive the site is - but I give them kudos for critisizing the "skeptics" while talking back the word scepticism.  

beckybird's Avatar beckybird 08:27 PM 04-21-2013

I agree with you 100%--they have co-opted the word. We are now called "denialists" instead of "skeptics". 

kathymuggle's Avatar kathymuggle 08:56 PM 04-21-2013

I wonder what we deny, precisely.


That term is icky as denialism is usually used in relation to AIDS or gloabal warming.  Oh, well. 


G-d forbid people question the need for pharmaceutical  for healthy infants.  

katelove's Avatar katelove 09:38 PM 04-21-2013
That website looks good in theory but it seems to have been started by the same woman who created the Australian Vaccination Network. My personal view is that she does not contribute a great deal to the credibility of those of us who question vaccines.
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