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hi friends!
my 5 year old attends a homeschool program, and one of the moms brought her daughter to a chicken pox party yesterday.

i am cool with that regarding my 5 year old, but i also have a 5 month old. 

the pediatrician (who is OK with me not vaccinating) basically said 'it's a tough call' whether i should keep my 5 year old out of the program for the next 3 weeks, to avoid her exposure during the incubation period. 

since we just started the program AND i work from home, i can keep her home no problem. i dont want to because it's a lovely program, but 5 months old seems like it's very young to expose the littlest one. she is exclusively breastfed. 

any thoughts? 

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This is an anecdote…so take this for what it is worth.


My middle child caught chikcen pox from her brother at about 6 months old.  She may have been younger - it was a while ago.  She was exclusively breastfed at the time and I have had the chicken pox.  She got it anyways.  I have always thought she had a moderate case - she seemed very poxy, but it might just be that a normal amount of pocks looks like a lot on a small person.  She had no fever, and no complication.  


Very interestingly ( to me at least!) my youngest child just had a case of chicken pox and her sister ( the middle child who had CP as a baby) also got a rash of some sort.  I thought it was really odd - she already had the chicken pox!  I looked it up, and it turns out people who get the chicken pox while very young often do not develop good immunity to it.  Something like 25% of people who get CP under 4 do not develop good immunity (makes me wonder if the same holds for vaccines?  Probably)  - most of them, if they get it again, get a mild case.


From a mothers POV, if you are going to expose the 5 year old, I would expose the 5 month old at the same time. If your 5 yr old gets it then gives it to the baby, you will have CP in your house for a long time.  I have btdt with my first two and it was tiring.  


I would also say that depending on where you live chicken pox can be hard to find.  There seems to be less of it floating around.  


Hope some of this ramble was helpful.

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my nephew was ebf and caught pox at daycare at 4mos old..he had a mild case, and nothing serious happened...he was over it in four days. His pedi said they will check him when he's older to see if immunity built up or not, because sometimes in babies, it doesn't build. 

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