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I am having trouble understanding the anti-vaccination movement, so I was hoping some of you would explain why you personally chose to not vaccinate your children. I am really interested to learn more and I think I would do so by hearing your thoughts on the matter. I'm confused about what route to take with my baby. Thanks!
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Here is a good place to start:



It is someone else asking the same questions as you.


Personally the face that there has never been one study done on the true safety of vaxes


(they are only compared to other vaxes.... so why I find that just the same as any drug saying, look, drug x is perfectly safe because when we gave Drug X and this other similar Drug Y to everyone, they all had the same number of reactions. Perfect, then drug X must be safe. Even if 100 out of 500 died, it is still considered safe because when they did the "study" on Drug Y, the same number of people died so it is considered common. So just list it as a possible side effect and viola..... safe ) ????


There has NEVER and I mean NEVER been ONE study done comparing Vaxed to Un-Vaxed. Where is the control in that?

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Remember: Vaccines kill people too. RIP: My brother
Vaccines hurt people too. RIP: All the vax injured
Those harmed by vaccines count.
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Severe reactions with my first that left  him immune damaged....my three unvaxed are the the healthiest kids i know out of all my friends who vax....theirs?  sick every 3 weeks with something else....

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In a nut shell:


1.  As ssun5 said


2.  I don't trust the studies we do have .  Most were done by the same pharmaceutical company that sells the product.  It is a huge conflict of interest.  


3. Disease analysis.  Many of the diseases we vaccinate for are pretty rare or benign.  The disease just do not concern me - why should I give my kids a vaccine for a disease that does not concern me?


4.  I don't fear illness, for the most part.  This is obviously disease dependent.    In healthy kids, milder VADs can be an opportunity to mount an immune response and overcome something.  It can be a good work-out.


5.  With diseases that are not prevalent, the vax programs exists to keep the diseases at bay.  In essence you are not vaxxing over a real medical risk (how likely is it for your kid to get Polio?) but out of the hopes this will keep a disease at bay.  I am not sure a child should be asked to undergo a real risk of a reaction for a disease they are incredibly unlikely to get.  it is an ethical issue for me.  Children should not be asked to take one for the team.  Adults can make the decision to get themselves vaccinated to potentially keep disease at bay if they like.  


6.  The current vaccine schedule has a lot of vaccine going into a very small body in a very short period of time.  I don't really have a good grasp on how safe this is (despite studying this issue for quite some time). I just would not do it. I don't hate all vaxxes (at all!)  but I think there is a world of difference between geting a 10 year old a meningitous shot because you are off to the menigitous belt of Africa, and giving a newborn whose mother does not have Hep.B the Hep. B shot.  


Op, it sounds like you might be  pregnant?


If I were you I would research the important ones for infancy, and take things from there.


I would research Hep B.  DTaP, rota and Hib.  The rest can wait.  You also need to research whether you should get vaccines in pregnancy and the best way to protect a newborn  from pertussis in the early months, whether you vaccinate or not as whatever immunity from pertussis vaccine exists will not kick in until about 4 months.  We can help, and you can cross post in MV if you want a variety of opinions.  

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As usual, kathymuggle, you have summed things up quite well.
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I don't vaccinate because it doesn't make sense to me to inject newborn infants and young children with dangerous, toxic chemicals, neurotoxins, GMO's, and animal and human tissues. IMO, leaving a healthy immune system intact is the best way to keep kids healthy and avoid illness and complications from illness.


I also do not trust the companies that make the vaccines, nor the entities that are supposed to govern them. They are all in bed together, making billions of dollars, while our children get weaker.

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We don't vaccinate because they completely undermine how the immune system is supposed to work. Germs enter in, typically, through the nose, mouth, and any openings. They are(hopefully) stopped, or slowed down by hairs, mucus, whatnot, If I remember my health class correctly.. this is the 1st system of defense where germs are labeled as intruders. ..If we're injecting germs directly into the bloodstream, how the hell is your body supposed to recognize the disease as an intruder?


My other reasoning is NOBODY tests infants or children for potential allergies to ingredients in the vaccines... The nurses don't ask. The parents might not even be aware. But by the time you realize, it could be too late :( That risk isn't worth it to me. I talked to a friend about this, and she said it was worth the risk for immunity to the disease. WHAT??!


Like many others, my other reasoning is there has been no profound, clear study done on their safety.


Another reasoning is a lot of these diseases, at one point, were considered normal, "childhood diseases". I had NO idea Measles was a normal, childhood disease. I had no idea my dad had had it and lived through it just fine. He also mentioned Polio wasn't as severe as it was made out to be, as it most often affected the gut, and that was through where the body eliminated it. I have no factual proof on this, but I am very inclined to believe a lot of these diseases are not the devastating "monsters" that the CDC and doctors make them out to be.


Like many others, my son is completely unvax'd, and the healthiest child of all the kids I know.

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Baby got vax injured fromPCV @3mos: nystagmus. So, not worth continuing to vax.
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Bad reactions at 2 and 5mos with high potential for siezures if we'd continued - enough for me to say no more.  Plus what others have stated about not enough safety studies.  Our pedi still denies to this day that vaxxes have anything to do with the reactions and denies that DD is intolerant to oats directly following the introduction of oatmeal after her last vaxxes.  I don't think of it as an anti-vax movement either - it's a pro-informed choice if anything, and we just haven't been informed enough to convince me it's safe (clearly my daughter suffred, and she would agree after how miserable she was for almost a month following her vaxes).

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I questioned veterinary vaccination protocols, having an immune compromised dog. This led to discussion with my vet, personal researching, attending lectures by veterinarians, even a couple by a prominent vaccine researcher (hired by top pharma to do their own studies). The interest naturally trickled down when I became pregnant, and I began personal research on pediatric vaccination.
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We're still considering a limited set of vaccines for our kids. dT and perhaps MMR before puberty (when the mumps portion might actually last past their teen years since the effectiveness seems questionable). But that's not an easy decision for us by any means and we cannot proceed until we feel 100% confident that it is the right thing to do for our family. Our kids have not had any vaccines to date.


I started researching vaccines before the birth of our first child. I did not see the need for the schedule as it was and the lack of choice with combo vaxes (all or nothing) frustrated me. I did not see why a baby who could not walk yet or handle power tools or step on rusty nails would need a tetanus vaccine at 2, 4, and 6 months old. I also thought the schedule (and most peds) didn't seem to take into account other factors re: vaccination: EBF baby and SAHM? Isn't that different than FF and in child care from a young age? Family history of reactions, allergies, autoimmmune issues? Isn't that a reason to reconsider the standard practice? There seems to be a lot of "one size fits all" in vaccine policy but when you look at many medications or courses of treatment, it's part of due diligence on the physician's part to ask, "family history of ____? or ever reacted to ______? Okay, perhaps this medication is contraindicated for you." 


My main concerns are still the adjuvants. I have read what the "pro side" has put out claiming safety with aluminium hydroxide and the like, and I'm still not convinced yet. 

Mother to DD#1  s/b @40w 2003 for unknown reasons; DD#2   10.5 years old; DS  7 years old 
  A personal choice--your son's!
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Because injecting filth, toxins, viruses and bacteria into healthy babies and kids weakens and damages their bodies and immune system. all that junk doesn't belong in their body and this violation of nature inside their already perfectly designed immune systems causes toxic overload and causes their immune system to become dysfunctional and biased towards auto immune diseases. All that filth can launch anywhere inside their bodies as it travels inside their bodies. This can turn into any type of disease later on like cancer, type 1 diabetes, etc.
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