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Mirzam's Avatar Mirzam 07:24 AM 04-29-2013

This is a fascinating article from AoA on the oldest of the 'Kanner' children. Vivian Murdock born in 1931.




Our own research convinced us the autism rate before 1930 was effectively zero (it is now 1 in 50). A handful of cases over several centuries might conceivably qualify, but there was nothing approaching the cluster of children whose worried parents brought them to see Leo Kanner in the years between 1938 and 1943.


beckybird's Avatar beckybird 08:48 AM 04-29-2013

And from the previous paragraph,



"Elsewhere, he called it "a behavior pattern not known to me or anyone else theretofore."
The three of us have always found those words remarkable, coming as they did from an acknowledged authority who eight years earlier had catalogued every known childhood mental disability in his landmark 500-page book  “Child Psychiatry.” Those pages contained not a whisper of autism, or anything that in retrospect looks similar.


Another good point,


along with the eyewitness accounts of thousands of parents whose children have regressed immediately after mercury-containing vaccinations; the growing body of research that shows  ethylmercury is exquisitely toxic at infinitesimal, parts-per-billion levels; and the unconvincing denials by public health officials and drug company spokesmen who, we suspect, are in too deep to ever face the truth.

Taximom5's Avatar Taximom5 09:37 AM 04-29-2013

Absolutely fascinating.

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