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What do I need to do or give to a preschool to allow my son to go? 

I live in NJ and it's either vaccinate or claim religious exemption for school entry. He is mostly caught up with vaccines, but there are some vaccines I just don't want to do. He can catch up by September, but it's too much and I am against certain vaccines. So, I want to stop vaccinating at this point. Is there paperwork I need to fill out or what? 

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You can find templates for immunization waivers for religious exemption online in various place. They may not have their own official form, but you can write up a short letter citing the statute.

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Something to think about. You cannot pick and choose in NJ. Once you claim a religious exemption, you cannot then go on and get boosters for certain ones without losing the exemption for good. If you plan on stopping vaccines from here on out - its a good plan. 

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Thanks all! I am just curious, is it true you need to write an exemption letter then have it notarized? Does this go to the pediatricians office also? I wouldn't continue to vax btw. I am done. Unfortunately my husband isn't on the same page with me. He thinks we should vax but he won't do the research on them like I do. So that in itself is a battle. I am so glad I followed a delay schedule up until this point. My son definitely handles vaccines better than how he handled them as a baby. 

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Here is a run-down of NJ law.

Be sure to click on the exemption info links, which show letters detailing how school and other government officials are not allowed to pry into your beliefs, and how you do NOT need to belong to an organized religion to exercise your rights.

It doesn't look like you need it notarized, but seem people choose to do it anyway. (Your bank should do it for free). The ped doesn't need a copy, just the school. (Some peds try to get parents to sign a scary-looking form in order to intimidate them into vaccinating, but it's never legally required).

I recommend contacting the state vaccine choice group for advice on what to put in the letter.

Good luck!

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