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when was the first time your unvaxxed child got sick? What did they get, how long did it last, etc... I'm not vaxxing and just cuious. Thanks mommas
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I think he was about six months old and got a cold. He has gotten lots of colds! He rarely gets a fever, maybe two or three times in his life *knock on wood* and he is almost four. But he got croup twice and that was SCARY!!! He needed steroids for that.
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Around 2 or 3 mos he had a bit of a cough.  My roommate's baby was 2 wks older than mine and had started coughing first and her doctor sent him for a chest x-ray.  I didn't have a ped bc mine fired me after I questioned circumcision, so I just took ds in to the ER for an xray just to be safe rather than sorry.  I held off on the antibx for a few days and the resolved on its own.


Then when he was around 15 or 18 mos, he developed an extremely high fever and stopped nursing for about 24 hrs.  He's my 2nd child, ds1 was vaxed and always sick so I wasn't panicking...but then he developed a very sore neck and photosensitivity.  I decided to go to the ER (still hadn't found a dr who would take us) but called my MIL to go with me in case they decided to make trouble over his vax status, and in the short while it took her to get to my house, his sore neck resolved and the fever broke.


Since then, he's had 5th disease and hand/foot/mouth.  Also lots of random fevers that stick around for 18-24 hours and then vanish without treatment.  Occasionally during one of the fever episodes he will vomit repeatedly.  But it never lasts more than one day and then he is right back on his feet.  I feel like the illness at a yr and a half was his immune system testing me.  I showed it that it can handle sickness, and its repaid my confidence over the last decade by kicking ass every time a germ invades ds's body.

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I don't think DD1 got a cold until 1 year and a half. DD2 got a cough at around 8 weeks, but other than the cough, she was fine. Neither of my kids were "snotty" kids and have never been on antibiotics. They are now 5 and almost 7, and they are SO resilient! They hardly ever get sick, and if they do, they just get a bit run down for a day or two. I am amazed, because they are around sick kids all.the.time.

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What you would describe as 'sick'? I guess with my DD it was 18 months when she got a stomach virus - rota or similar. The next illness would probably be chicken pox at 8 - but I can't say she was actually 'sick' with it. DS, hmmm, he got 5th's at five (!), but again you could hardly describe him as being sick all he got was a rash, no fever etc. They have, well, DD especially, has the odd fever that lasts a day or so, but I again don't really view a fever as a sickness, rather a generalized healing symptom.


No antibotics, no snotty noses ever.

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My DS is 5 now. Got sick with a cold the first time at about 4 months old after he started daycare. He was sick quite alot in his first 3 years with colds and tummy bugs, fevers and such, but he is a full-time daycare kid so that is to be expected while his immune system matured and developed. He had 1 really bad chest infection that required a nebulizer and 1 round of abx that I deeply regret and in retrospect probably didn't need. He gets sick less often in the last 2 years. He was also breastfed until 2.5 yrs.


My DD is 15 months. She also didn't get sick until she started daycare and also has had a few colds and 1 ear infection that was not resolving after 5 days and she was so miserable that I broke down and took her to doc and gave abx (this was just a couple weeks ago). After 2 doses she got an allergic reaction and I stopped them. The doc prescribed another one which I never gave and the infection resolved. She is still breastfeeding


The way I look at it is this. my kids have issues because of genetics. I believe my DS who was a csection baby was also at a disadvantage because he did not get colonized with all the good bacteria at birth. I have not had the experience that some parents of unvaxed kids have had in that my kids do get sick and actually quite often. But I look at it this way. There are many things that determine if a kid gets sick not just vax status.  I think if they were fully vaxed they would be soooooo much sicker and much worse off. 

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It wasn't until about 8 months with my middle DD (oldest was vaxxed until 4 months), and it was about 3-4 months with my youngest DD (she got it from the older ones). Never anything serious though, and it always cleared up fast.
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First cold was at 4mos - we were vaxing then and I delayed her 4mo shots to 5mos and at that point stopped after nasty reactions.  But I didn't worry, just gave her lots of Vit C/D along with taking it myself to boost her intake while nursing. It lasted all of 4 days.  Second cold was after a well baby visit just before Christmas (I was so mad because I got sick too!) but same deal with the Vit's, she actually kicked hers in about 3 days, I was closer to a week.  Only fevers she's ever had were post vax, never any with colds.  Between DH and I, we've had about 5 colds this past winter for DD's 1, so I'd say she's doing just fine.

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There are some great homeopathics for colds that babies and toddlers can take. I use them at the first sign of sniffles and they work great. :-)

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I don't remember about when my oldest got his first cold, but the kid has literally never been to the doctor for illness.  He was 2 1/2 when he got his only ever stomach virus and since then he's had HFM disease (last summer) and a few bad colds but nothing major. 


My middle son, age 5, was a c-section baby and he had pneumonia at 10 months which was treated with powerful antibiotics.  He subsequently gets worse colds than anyone else in the house, often with lots of coughing when the rest of us have long gotten over it.  He also has gets lots of sore throats, including one this winter that caused him to lose a bit of weight when he has none to spare.  That one was also treated with an antibiotic.  I think he may eventually have to have his tonsils removed.  He's had a few ear infections and just takes a lot longer to recover.


My 21/2year old has had a few colds.  He had a stomach bug around Easter this spring that I believe was rotavirus.  (OMG!  The smell!)  Generally the kid is pretty healthy and has never been to the doctor for illness.


None of the kids are vaxxed.  My middle son is a very picky eater but the other two aren't.  I kind of think the middle son missed the beneficial gut bacteria, too, as he was a c-section baby.

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Let see: First born son: 2 and a half.He had a stomach bug then followed by his first cold... runny nose, fever.


I kept waiting when he was little, but not even a cold, a fever or anything. He went to daycare from age 1 as well and never caught anything.  He got over that and it was years before he ended up with CP. It was years and years until he caught another cold/stomach bug. Then Measles (mild mild case) at 12 and nothing since. His health I admit amazes me. He is also amazingly smart. He starts college next month.


DD: 7 months old caught a small cold. Then was 3ish with her second? Hard to remember hardly. At 5 she caught a stomach bug. At 6 CP. At 7, Measles.

Now this year at 8 she did end up with a kidney infection and still trying to figure that one out. Since then she has complained a bunch about stomach pain. So working on it.


DD2: 15 months: Caught CP followed by Measles (which is how our whole family ended up with it) And right before 2 she caught a stomach bug.



I don't think that vax status is all there is too a healthy immune system, but it is one piece of the puzzle.


DS:13 (EBF till 6 months, then goats milk formula)

DD:8 (EBF till 1)

DD:2 (EBF until 15 months, the week I stopped is when she caught all that....hummm)






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My firstborn was 4mos old, and contracted pneumonia 3weeks affter his first DPT...did the vax set him up for the infection? i believe so....he was one sickly baby, bronchitis, ear infections, etc,  and now is a sickly adult as well...i stopped vaxing him at 2yrs old after the Hib...his vax injuries were brushed off as normal reactions with every dpt he got, even tho his health would deteriorate with every vax....--partially vaxed, back in '88 the schedule was scant compared to now.


My second child got an ear infection at 6mos old, and had repeated bouts of them til she was two, and they disappeared. --nonvaxed


My third got a sinus infection at 6weeks old, even tho i was EBF....turns out she was born deaf in her right ear, and with a deviated septum--she finally had surgery to correct it last month, at age 18, and now finally has NO sinus problems.--nonvaxed


My last child became ill at 5mos old with pneumonia...got over it in a week....he has been by far, the healthiest of all.  At 17, he's been to the dr twice in two years...--nonvaxed

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My DD was absurdly healthy. No ear infections until 4 years old. No GI bugs until that age as well (minus the norovirus that rampaged through the whole family in 2006, although she fared the best of all of us and was barely ill in comparison). Not even any colds or anything until preschool.


DS has a different immune system. He did have ear infections as a baby, colds etc. He also had pertussis when he was 23 months old (got it from his father), while his unvaxed sister didn't come down with it. The main difference (aside from being genetically different obviously) is that the nurses didn't know my GBS status at delivery and gave me dose after dose of IV antibiotics per mandatory hospital policy.


Both were breastfed until at least three years old, and at home until they started preschool.  

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First cold, about 5 months old.  Lasted a day or two.  No major fever or anything.


I was really shocked by the massive onslaught I caught from other women for not rushing to the doctor.  Lots of people in Canada think healthcare is "free", but don't think about the cost.

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DD is very healthy, compared to my friends whose children are vaccinated. She has only been sick twice. She had her first cold when she was around 6 months old ( caught it from my in laws) and last month she had a low-grade fever that lasted for a few days but no other symptoms. She doesn't attend daycare but she goes to play groups three times a week so she's always around other babies and children.

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First time for LO was when he was 10 months old . . he got Roseola. The second time was this past December when he was 17 months old with a cold that lasted a few days. Hasn't been sick since though! :)

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