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littlec's Avatar littlec 03:19 PM 07-22-2013

Anyone heard of this book? 




I heard about it on a news segment the other day, and was interested. It seems quite "conspiracy theorist", but I've learned that anything is possible. And honestly, even if it wasn't all true, it sounds like a good read. What do you guys think?

beckybird's Avatar beckybird 10:10 PM 07-22-2013

I listened to a radio program about Dr. Mary's Monkey.....It was very interesting indeed!



Ok, found it. If you listen to this program, it might also inspire you to read the book.


You are right about one thing--anything is possible. Never underestimate what greedy, evil people can do!

littlec's Avatar littlec 02:43 PM 07-23-2013
I listened to an interview with the author last night. Even my very skeptical husband wants to read the book now. The thing that makes me inclined to believe him is that he was looking for the truth about a family friend. He isn't a JFK conspiracy theorist looking for a conspiracy. He isn't some anti vaccine activist looking to prove that vaccines harm people. That's just what he found when looking for something else.
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