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steph77891's Avatar steph77891 03:43 PM 07-25-2013

Hello all! I am new here but have been lurking for a while. Somewhere on some thread.. lol.. I saw someone post a list of questions to ask about a vaccine and disease its related to when deciding about vaccinations. We are not vaxxing as of now but I wanted that list so I could answer those questions and be prepared for our first dr visit. it was quite lengthy but I cant seem to find the thread it was on.. any help would be great:) Thanks!

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Here are some questions to answer for yourself in deciding about vaccination:

1. Name of the disease
2. Description of the disease
3. Length of time from initial infection to end of all symptoms
4. Infectious period
5. Normal symptoms of the disease
6. Known serious consequences of the disease
7. Proportion of persons infected developing serious consequences
8. Transmission route of the disease
9. Prevalence of the disease
10. Treatments of the disease and efficacy of those treatments
11. Relevant research about the disease
12. Name of the vaccine
13. Company that makes the vaccine
14. Contents of the vaccine
14A. The significance of whether or not the vaccine is live
15. History of development of the vaccine
16. Known side-effects of the vaccine and rate of incidence of those side-effects
17. Possible side-effects not yet acknowledged by the vaccine maker
18. Relevant research into the vaccine
19. How effective is the vaccine at preventing the disease?
20.What is the vaccine meant to do? (Many vaccines are not meant to prevent infection or transmission).
21.Number of cases reported each year.
22.Number of deaths reported each year from the vaccine and natural disease.

Here are some sources to help you out:

Vaccines: The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices 1/18 DVD, By Sherri J. TENPENNY- (download the current issue)


Beyond Conformity Resources Page-

Do you have a quick-fire summary?-

Inside Vaccines-

emmy526's Avatar emmy526 03:51 PM 07-25-2013

And at your first dr visit if you are unsure, simply say 'No, i'm going to delay for now until i research some more''s your choice..vaccines are not mandated by law.   You can always go get them later if you wish, but you can't take them back once they're done.  It really does no good to try to challenge a dr on his views on vaccines, because they have been trained to repeat the same thing: "Vaccines are good. Vaccines save lives. You can trust the CDC"

steph77891's Avatar steph77891 03:59 PM 07-25-2013

Yes that looks like it! thank you. my two older kids 6 and 4 were fully vaxxed up to now. my 4 year old will NOT be getting the MMR or any other vaccine again. I have a 3 month old who I have delayed the 2 month "well" baby check because we were trying to decide on vaccines. I have pretty much realized they are useless as far as im concerned, but I have sooooooo much more reading to do. These questions will really help my husband and I have some concrete things to look at when we are talking about them.  I was one of those moms who didn't think I had a choice. The dr says.. okay she will get this this and this shot and I just thought it was something that was life and death. Get them or you get polio. thanks and good bye. But im so glad I know more now.

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