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DH had a recent mishap with a nail in the hand.  The nail was not rusted, or in the soil, but now he is pushing for my 3 1/2 year old to get the shot.  He actually got the DTaP booster for himself because he was seriously concerned about getting Tetanus. 


Any research data links would be appreciated.  He is a very skeptical and I need actual data to convince him.  He has taken my position on not vaccinating while my kids are young, do to my son having reactions to vaccines, but any info to delay the shot would be great. 


After much research, and my son's reactions, I have taken the non-vaxing approach.  However, this incident has him spooked, even with all the info I have given him.   

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Wait, did he get the booster after your LO got injured because he thought he (your DH) could catch tetanus from your LO?  Because i's not contagious...


My 2yo DD is perpetually running barefoot through all terrains, climbs all over the place, digs in the garden with me and I've not once worried about tetanus for her.  I keep a bottle of peroxide on hand in case I need to oxygenate a non-bleeding puncture.  I had 2 boosters, within a year of one another, prior to my stopping vaxxing and I was horribly sick for almost 2 weeks each time.  Not something I'd ever do again for myself, especially knowing what I do now and knowing that I didn't receive a TIG but just a TDaP (I've got the "reminder cards" sitting somewhere).

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Sorry, no.  He was trying to pound something with a nail when it flipped on him and went straight into his hand.  I told him to get the TIG if he was so worried about it, but he got the booster.   Now he is in the ER getting the TIG.  He is seriously freaking out.  I told him to get his anti-bodies tested to see if he is immune to it.  UGH!  He never goes to the Dr.


He is really, really pushing for the shot for the kids after this incident.  I'm having an anxiety attack just thinking about it.  I don't want the kids to get it. I'm not sure what to do now.  I need serious data.  I used to have a lot of research articles bookmarked, but our computers are not backed up and I have lost my bookmarks numerous times.  Not to mention, a couple of the computers died on us.


I'll see what he says when he gets home.

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It is a long read, but has a lot of interesting information in it!


This was a good read on who gets tetanus in the UK (hint: not typically children)




Good luck!  Personally, tetanus is not a disease that concerns me.  It is too rare to be on my radar.  Any yet, when my daughter stepped on glass earlier this year and needed to go to the hospital to get alll the glass out,  it did flash through my head…"what about tetanus?"  I quickly talked myself out of it - a cut in the house is not a concern.  However, it did flash through my head. I think injuries and hospital visits naturally bring up any fear we may have.  Those fears, though, might not be rational.  I do not think an anxiety filled occasion such as an injury and trip to the hospital is any time to make a decision.  We are too vulnerable and a little scared.  Tell Dh you can talk about it in a few days, after the chaos of the injury has subsided.  It is a decision that needs to be made with facts at your disposal and a cool head.  

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