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dalia's Avatar dalia 01:57 PM 01-05-2014
I'm taking Kenny Rogers's advice. You gotta know when to hold 'em, fold 'em, walk away and RUN from a dumb vaccine article posted on Facebook. It is taking everything I have not to argue but I know it's not worth it! Please hold me back, ladies, before I say something I regret!!!! Ugh.

kathymuggle's Avatar kathymuggle 02:29 PM 01-05-2014

Is it a Jenny McCarthy article?  Those seem to be going around right now….


If you do not have the time to engage articulately and/or the people posting are morons and/or assholes…I would stay far, far away…..

Turquesa's Avatar Turquesa 09:54 PM 01-05-2014
Oo! Now I need to know what you're talking about lol.gif I totally relate, though. My hands are going numb from sitting on them in a heroic act of self-restraint.
beckybird's Avatar beckybird 10:25 PM 01-05-2014

I bet it's about a pro-vax article full of fear mongering and inaccurate info!

dalia's Avatar dalia 12:03 AM 01-06-2014
It's that Australian article about the girl whose crunchy mom didn't vaccinate her and she got every disease under the sun. It basically compares non-vaxxers to people who believe in crop circles at one point. BARF
Viola P's Avatar Viola P 03:33 AM 01-06-2014
What? Crop circles aren't real? smile.gif
sassyfirechick's Avatar sassyfirechick 09:55 AM 01-06-2014

LOL that song always takes me back to college and the boyfriend I had who was in a fraternity and they always played that song at parties haha!!  Yah I felt the same way when the article kept popping up on my FB feed as more people shared it, ugh. That one and the Jenny McCarthy one! Needless to say I debated with a few people and did a little new years cleaning of my friends list :W

mom0810's Avatar mom0810 10:37 AM 01-06-2014

I replied to it and was promptly told that parents who don't vaccinate are irresponsible and shouldn't have kids.  Ooops.  I always regret posting on those things.  


The article is so full of holes it's not even funny.  

kathymuggle's Avatar kathymuggle 10:43 AM 01-06-2014
Originally Posted by mom0810 View Post

I replied to it and was promptly told that parents who don't vaccinate are irresponsible and shouldn't have kids.  Ooops.  I always regret posting on those things.  



:irked  Lovely.


The ignorance and hatred is appalling.  

sassyfirechick's Avatar sassyfirechick 10:59 AM 01-06-2014

And you know that thought process could go both ways but I don't go running around saying to my vaccinating friends (which is all of them) they shouldn't have kids if they intend to load them with drugs and chemicals.  Ridiculous!

dalia's Avatar dalia 11:49 AM 01-06-2014
I was called a "killer" the last time I debated it on Facebook. I cried for a long time. I was pregnant. :-(

That's why I don't want to go there!!!
Viola P's Avatar Viola P 11:53 AM 01-06-2014

Sometimes i like to "idiot bait" people with these kinds of issues. My general rule is that the more upset they are about it the more ignorant they probably are and those are the ones i like to have a little fun with. Though i have been hurt a few times.

Taximom5's Avatar Taximom5 05:29 PM 01-06-2014

The blog where that "article" (really, it's a combination marketing ploy/attack on vaccine critics) is called "Mamamia," and I read that the editor of Mamamia is funded by the NHMRC (National Health and Medical Council), which is part of the Australian government. 

Taximom5's Avatar Taximom5 05:38 PM 01-06-2014

And, yes, it's clear that the author put a lot of effort into painting vaccine critics as spaced-out, stupid, anti-science, gullible hippies--but by "admitting" that she used to be one, she's trying to add credibility to her supposed perspective.


Come on. How many 19-year-old mothers have you ever met who fit her description of herself?


"I was studying homeopathy, herbalism, and aromatherapy; I believed in angels, witchcraft, clairvoyants, crop circles, aliens at Nazca, giant ginger mariners spreading their knowledge to the Aztecs, the Incas, and the Egyptians, and that I was somehow personally blessed by the Holy Spirit with healing abilities. I was having my aura read at a hefty price and filtering the fluoride out of my water. I was choosing to have past life regressions instead of taking antidepressants. I was taking my daily advice from tarot cards. I grew all my own veg and made my own herbal remedies."

Interesting that she implies that she needs antidepressants.  I did some digging, and found a YouTube video by a woman with the same name, who looks the same, and who is also a music teacher in England.*

*which does make you wonder why she's writing for an Australian blog...which is funded by a government that is locked in a VERY nasty battle with a group that wants freedom of vaccine choics.

Boonsey's Avatar Boonsey 01:38 PM 01-09-2014

Good for you. I find myself in the same boat almost daily and spent so much brainpower thinking of all of the things I want to say back, even if it is a lost cause. 

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