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Amy Parker's hit piece, "Growing Up Unvaccinated," deconstructed.

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Originally Posted by beckybird View Post
By that same freedom of choice, some of us don't like that article. We choose to talk about it on this forum, titled "I'm Not Vaccinating". We have the freedom of speech too, right?
All the reason there are forum guideline!
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Originally Posted by Ceezil View Post
It's her opinion. Why shouldn't she tell it like she wishes to? We live in a free world (last time I checked) where we can say what we like, in the way that we'd like to say it. And yes, there are SO MANY articles on the evils of vaccination, it's refreshing to see something different get published for a change.
Ceezil - welcome to Mothering. Please do read the Vaccinations Forums Guidelines so that you may understand the rules of participation and where things are appropriately posted. The I'm Not Vaccinating forum is a support only forum. General discussions about vaccinations open to everyone are found in the main Vaccinations forum.
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Originally Posted by carolinliv View Post
Thank you so much Taximom5 ! I agree 100% with you. I found her article (if she indeed wrote it ...but someone did) very compelling and well written...but in the just get to be too much...too organized in a way to make you think in one direction...

but all you work and analysis of her text were fantastic ! It is indeed propaganda in disguise..

Anyway the scary part is that this article popped up on my Fb page as I regularly post articles and informations about vaccinations (mostly warnings) and exchange strictly with my friends (and I only have about 80..) so this was part of "related articles"...but it is dated from I wonder...

Maybe it comes as a form of response on this :

let's just say that the medical-lab are well organized...

sorry it is in french but I am sure that you know it.
Anyway I just wanted to thank you.
Merci beaucoup, Carolinliv! I had not seen the freewiseman page, and GoogleTranslate was very helpful for my rusty French! Is the freewiseman page a blog or a news media page or??

It was so refreshing to see that kind of coverage. Here in the US, the propaganda is so ubiquitous, it's nauseating!
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Does anybody know if Amy Parker is aware that

1) 2 of Merck's virologists have launched a whistle-blower lawsuit against Merck
2) CDC researcher Bill Thompson has admitted through a whistleblower attorney that he and other researchers deliberately concealed data that suggested a link between MMR and autism in African-American boys
3) the most recent conceded and compensated cases of vaccine-induced autoimmune, paralytic, and neurological disorders?

Her article keeps popping up on FaceBook, but I wonder if she's even heard any of the recent news, and what she thinks of it...
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All of the vaccine enthusiasts are hunkered down in extreme denial mode as far as I can tell. Wakefield retracted, Thompson retracted, articles retracted, for all I know the elimination of Pluto as a planet has been retracted.
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Growing up Vaccinated

This post was written in response to “Growing Up Unvaccinated.” It seemed only fitting to have an opposing viewpoint, so I have provided one for your viewing pleasure.

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Liar. Simple.
I'm a Brit born 1982 and taximom you are quite correct:
1. There was no mumps vax at the time - it was considered mild and common. We were left to it. I had mumps, my DH had mumps - it was everywhere and we survived perfectly well.
2. There was a rubella vax BUT it was only given to girls, not boys, once they turned 14 years old. The idea was to protect us before we got pregnant. They didn't blanket cover everyone, just girls approaching reproductive age because again, rubella is so mild.
3. We still don't vax kids for chicken pox routinely. It is only offered to children who have family members that are severely immunocompromised through say an organ transplant or cancer. Once again, I had chicken pox, DH had chicken pox, we ALL had chicken pox and nobody batted an eyelid.
4. Yep I never had pop either. My first Diet Coke was some time in the 90s. We didn't do 'diet' anything in 80s England (and we were all a lot healthier I might add).
This is nothing but Big Pharma funded propaganda.
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Originally Posted by TheCrunchyBrit View Post
Liar. Simple.
CrunchyBrit, you are correct. I too am English and the whole thing was obviously fiction.
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Originally Posted by Taximom5 View Post

Step 3: Introduce a red herring, using the polarizing term "anti-vaccine advocates" instead of the more truthful "vaccine critics" or "vaccine questioners" or "vaccine safety advocates."
"So the anti-vaccine advocates’ fears of having the “natural immunity sterilized out of us” just doesn’t cut it for me." (Note: this is a red herring, because the concerns about vaccine safety are not that "the natural immunity is sterilized out of us." This is actually a very clever double entendre. There is some concern in the Philippines that vaccinating young women for tetanus (probably a DTP) resulted in a high rate of sterility amongst those young women. Some have questioned whether this was deliberate. But very few in the US are aware of this debate, and it's not a concern with US vaccines. What IS a concern is autoimmune reactions to vaccines.)
I remember this now - It was a tetanus vaccine programme run by our friends at the WHO in parts of Africa as well as the Philippines. The vaccine was suspiciously only given to women between the ages of 15 and 45 (reproductive age), which got peoples' minds ticking over since the most at risk group for tetanus is traditionally young men. Anyway, it was the Filipino Catholic Church who noticed a lot of these vaccinated women were going on to have multiple miscarriages and sent a few vials off for testing, only to find that these vaccines were in fact laced with a cleaved beta form of HCG which was in effect immunizing these poor women against pregnancy, not tetanus. Of course the WHO and manufacturers of the vaccine denied it was deliberate but it was duly noted that the manufacturers had applied for a patent for an immunocontraceptive vaccine. I have googled and googled but for the life of me, I cannot find the link to that patent! I will keep thinking on it and post the link if I ever find it.
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Found something!
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People think the bad guys disappeared after WW2, or they are neatly contained in far away places like North Korea. I am not one of those people! The tetanus vaccine program you described is one of many, many reasons why I think evil and deceit is alive and thriving in the world today--our own countries included!
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Originally Posted by TheCrunchyBrit View Post
CrunchyBrit, that's great sleuthing! Everyone take a screen shot before it disappears!

And CrunchyBrit, you might want to start a whole new thread just on this patent and the Philippines tetanus/sterilization program, so more people can learn about this.
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Recombinant birth control vaccine
United States Patent 5733553

A recombinant birth control vaccine comprising a beta subunit of chorionic gonadotropin, a recombinant luteinizing hormone or a mixture thereof has been developed. This recombinant birth control vaccine may also act as a vaccine against a protein or peptide unassociated with the mammalian reproductive system, such as a protein or peptide associated with a disease organism such as hepatitis B.

This raises even more questions.

Has anyone tested the current hep B vaccine for the beta subunit of HCG? Or for recombinant luteinizing hormone?
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Thanks ladies - I think I will start a thread because my googling turned up many articles dated just 3-4 days ago. This programme is still going on! I'm absolutely appalled, ethnic cleansing by vaccine, but in my heart of hearts I cannot say I'm truly surprised It seems as though the money for this disgusting exercise in eugenics comes courtesy of the Gamble and Rockefeller families. I wonder if Bill and Melinda Gates are in?
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Look up Gates' father with Planned Parenthood.
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Beckybird - wow. I had no idea. I guess the apple never falls far frim the tree.
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Haha, and both are rotten at the core lol!
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Thanks for your very skillful deconstruction.

I apologize if somebody has made this point already; I didn't read all of the comments. But I think it is worth noting that Ms Parker suffered from not only several viral infections, but also, it would seem, chronic bacterial infections. She was on antibiotics very frequently, she says, to the point that she became resistant to them. [On a side note: I have never heard of a human being becoming resistant to antibiotics - I've heard of bacteria mutating so that they become resistant to a certain antibiotic - did Ms Parker mutate or something?]. If it's true that Ms Parker constantly contracted bacterial infections, then something must have been weakening her immune system, in spite of her apparently healthy lifestyle. Perhaps she lived near an industrial waste dump - who knows? Whatever the cause, this part of the anecdote merely serves to discredit her story even further.
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