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I'm seriously struggling. I have 4 kids and a foster daughter who is 5. My DD received vaccinations until 1 year when I woke up and started doing my research and then we stopped and haven't done any since. My son who is adopted had vaccinations until he hit 18 mos., when the adoption went through. At that point he never received anymore. The dr. did try to argue that he had already had shots with no previous reactions so why not finish them out. No reactions so far yes, but I still didn't want anymore garbage in his system. My foster daughter is 5 and is fully vaccinated, we have no choice on that one. We have recently adopted twin newborns who are now 2 mos. They had the Hep. B vaccine in the hospital, as again, I had no choice because they weren't legally mine at that point. I was able to decline their other shots at their 2 month visit. Our family dr. has always been pretty laid back and understanding with our choices but at this last visit, she was very strongly suggesting that the babies get their pertussis vaccination since they were so young and we have a really bad outbreak where we're living, she kept emphasizing that they could die from whooping cough. Our foster daughter is in school so I also worry about what she might bring home. My son and daughter are both homeschooled. I've always felt comfortable with our choices up until now. I've been researching and researching and nothing is helping. I feel so torn and stressed about all this. I literally have dreams about the babies catching whooping cough and dying from it. It is kind of taking over my brain. Anyways, I just needed to vent and see if anyone can give me some advice on how to relax and trust in the decisions you make. I can't stand not feeling at peace. There is a constant debate going on in my head and it's leaving me in tears in a daily basis. I just want to make the right choice for our family and I want to feel that peace again. :(

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Here's my 2cents.gif...


If you start vaxxing the LO's now for pertussis (which would entail some variety of DTaP, Pentacel or the like) they wouldn't not be considered fully vaxxed for some time.  If it takes 2+ weeks for the vaccine to even kick in and confer any level of immunity, and the initial vax reduces the overall immune system's ability to fight things off, they'd be at a higher risk while being vaxxed, and in the wake of an outbreak, is that a worthwhile risk?  I think once they get over that 6mo hump they are far less likely to have complications and it's much easier to treat, be it with Vit C or antibiotics, whatever you choose.  Your other kiddos vax status doesn't really change the fact that pertussis can still be spread by the vaxxed, they just may not show symptoms.  If it were me I'd go and boost everyone's immune system with some daily vit C and D, you can also diffuse essential oils or dilute and place on the feet at night, thieves or oil of oregano are great for this. 


If you do choose to vax, just know you can't beat yourself up over it either way - you do the best you can!

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Hi! I have written this before but am going to repost it. Hope it might help!

Australia also showed that vaxing moms and cocooning babies didn't help so they have abandoned it.



You have to understand what whooping cough is. If you have ever had the DTP or DTaP... your body already has "original antigenic sin:"  

Also, WC It is a MUCOSAL infection.


In adults, booster shots don't work.  Why?The original exposure to the disease through immunization "locks in" as they say the way the body will respond to it.Which is why vaccinated people can't clear the bacteria from the bronchi and therefore become carriers if infected, and THEN can act as a reservoir to infect others.  They do not respond to the key toxins which arise as A PROCESS of infection. 


Natural mucosal immunity specifically targets the infection process - how the bacteria sets up shop - and the specific toxins the bacteria switch on and then start once their little claws attach to the cilia in the bronchi at "ground zero". 

Another words,  the current whooping cough vaccines create antibodies at the "back-end", to antigens which come later in the infection.  Vaccines MIGHT reduce disease severity for the few months those antibodies exist, but the current whooping cough vaccines don't create the powerful "front end" protection which will immediately clear the bacteria on re-infection. Does that make sense?

The vaccine antibodies, if they are around, might ... lessen the effect of pertussis toxin when it Finally hits the blood supply. 


Again: The vaccine creates back end antibodies, BUT natural infection requires a specific bronchial immunity not made by the current vaccines, and not provided by the antibodies detected in antibody tests. 


This is WHY scientists have been searching and testing for an intra-nasal vaccine, starting in 2000. BPEZ1 has been tested and should it work, should be the only "vax" given for WC.  It is to finally confront "front end" defenses in the mucosal area where they need to be. This should also help against parapertussis as well.


However: The intra-nasal vaccine will be of no use to adults, whose immunity - as a result of "original antigenic sin" was primed for "back end" immunity and whose immune system will no longer respond in any other way - so an intra-nasal vaccine won't give front end immunity to adults, any more than re-exposure to whooping cough would, or booster injections will. In fact, adults will continue to be the main source of carriage and spread in the community because of this.


Given that booster shots don't increase the bactericidal qualities in the blood why recommend them?

The shot will never stop transmission to anyone else.

The shot will not help you/or your babies not get it.

The shot might lesson severity (which is a crap shot to say what percentage-some seem to have no symptoms while others get horrible cases).


So what benefit will your newborns receive from taking the risk in getting the Vax in the first place?

*As a side note, DTaP first shot is called a "set up"-doesn't confer any immunity(on the back end) at all. It is the 2-4 more doses that they hope will eventually get your body to respond with back end type defenses which is WELL past the 6 month marker of more intense cases*


I have read reports that show anywhere from 20 to 50 years of immunity if you get it naturally..... Also, with natural immunity, they will fight off parapertussis as well which is a huge benefit...


Also try reading this:






"Those who are afraid retreat.
Those who are brave grow greater.
Never fear, always grow."

Sun Tzu

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ssun, your post should be a sticky. 

"There are only two mistakes you can make in the search for the Truth. Not starting, and not going all the way." ~ Mark Passio
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