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I am in Canada, and as I am sure most of you know, there have been some cases of measles. I have a brand new baby (4 weeks) and a 3.4 year-old unvaxed child. I am not sure what I want to do yet. I have read about MMR and the theory of shedding. And I suppose my question is, is the idea of shedding just a theory? I suppose I am thinking that right now our chances of getting measles naturally is slim and the idea of bringing it into the house from vaccine shedding just seems silly. I want to protect our baby, I also want to do whats best for our older child too.


Anyone have info about potential shedding??


Thank you :)

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It is late so I can only comment a moment. My daughter who was 18 months at the time caught measles from going to church. It was literally the only place this child went for months.


I think even on the pink book and CDC pages it talks about the shedding and warning for anyone who has had certain drugs for cancer are told to stay away from the "live" virus as there will always be a possibility for shedding. It is absolutely Not a theory!


Now your chances of your kids getting it out in the "wild" of the world are so minuscule: what a million to one.(I am making that number up but it really is rare) Shedding is also rare but a higher percentage than a natural caught disease. 

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My freshly MMR vaxxed niece came down with measles and shed them to her mom. My niece ended up having to have massive surgery on top as she developed a severe but very rare side effect listed in the package insert. Nobody recognized it at that time though. I would not vaccinate just because there are measles going around. Besides your 4-week-old would not be able to have the vax anyway. Exclusively breastfeeding is probably the best protection you could offer right now. If that is a choice of yours.


I remember about 10 years back there was a massive measles outbreak near by. It started after an MMR campaign in schools was carried out. So much for that.

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We just had our first case in the my state (3rd for the year, but 1st following these more recent "outbreaks") and the news made it out to be the end of the world!  I have a 2yo partially vaxxed (stopped at 5mos) and I have no intention, never did, of getting MMR for her.  I would have been vaxxed for MMR sometime in the 80's so odds are I have zero immunity myself, but again, even though it would be a rougher time for me to get it now at 30, I'd still rather take my chances with the wild disease than a vaccine.

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