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Here is an article that Peggy O'Mara (former owner of Mothering Magazine) wrote about the current epidemic and has some additional information on treating it at home:
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No fancy facts and links for you from me, just personal experience

My oldest DS deals with very similar issues as yours and is in OT and speech therapy every week. When DS3 was born I tried to keep him out of those yucky offices as much as possible by having someone take DS1 to therapy for me if possible, or watch the baby while I took him to therapy.

I believe that breast feeding really makes a difference, DS3 has never had a vax, BF'd for 15 months and did not have his first cold until right after he weaned. Pertussis IS scary and when he was itty bitty it was on my mind constantly. As he got older and it became apparent that he was a very healthy kid I thought about it less and less. It also helped soothe my fears to know that even if I did choose to vax, he would not have the supposed immunity from the disease until he completed the series of shots, so rushing out at 3mo to get the DTaP is not going to protect baby anyway. Maybe one of you well read mamas have a link to back this up?

It's scary when you have a tiny baby and you first make the choice to not vaccinate. Stay away from the fear mongering and it will become less scary as time goes on, baby grows, and you become more and more comfortable with your choices
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