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Study says CDC has covered-up data showing that mercury in vaccines causes harm

Anyone see this yet?

Methodological Issues and Evidence of Malfeasance in Research Purporting to Show Thimerosal in Vaccines Is Safe

A portion of the abstract:
There are over 165 studies that have focused on Thimerosal, an organic-mercury (Hg) based compound, used as a preservative in many childhood vaccines, and found it to be harmful. Of these, 16 were conducted to specifically examine the effects of Thimerosal on human infants or children with reported outcomes of death; acrodynia; poisoning; allergic reaction; malformations; auto-immune reaction; Well’s syndrome; developmental delay; and neurodevelopmental disorders, including tics, speech delay, language delay, attention deficit disorder, and autism. In contrast, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that Thimerosal is safe and there is “no relationship between [T]himerosal[-]containing vaccines and autism rates in children.” This is puzzling because, in a study conducted directly by CDC epidemiologists, a 7.6-fold increased risk of autism from exposure to Thimerosal during infancy was found.

A more user-friendly synopsis:

Forgive me if this has already been posted. . . I didn't see it in a search and I haven't been on in awhile.

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I'd say the biggest issue with thimerosal is that from a PVer's point of view it's been discredited as *THE* cause of autism. But they don't bother considering that it might be one in a hundred different pieces of a puzzle . It's only one contributing factor, but probably not the main one for many people. But when considering autism as something that is triggered by minute changes at a cellular level, then absolutely thimerosal should be considered one of those triggers. Is it the one that tips the scale? Maybe. Maybe not. But too many people still sing the tune of 'Wakefield was discredited therefor all studies involving mercury and autism are a complete conspiracy and should be ignored" rabble rabble. Everything about the human body is a puzzle. All the pieces have to come together to form the bigger picture. Change one piece and you might be ok. Change a few (vaccines, air pollution, GMO's.....) and you can completely change the outcome of the puzzle.
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I'd say the biggest issue with thimerosal is that from a PVer's point of view it's been discredited as *THE* cause of autism.
Oddly, I cannot get any pro-vaccine people to discuss actual studies that supposedly discredit this ingredient or any other vaccine connected or even healthcare connected factors. I'm trying in the vaccinations forum, I've tried in various other locations and they either refuse to discuss, or else bail from the discussion after a few exchanges. I'm increasingly certain that there are many pro-vaccine people who know that much of the supposedly "solid" science resembles Swiss cheese. I don't think the majority of these people are actually into hurting children, I think they believe that vaccines are so essential that admitting that there has been some bad science is too dangerous and would destroy all trust in vaccines.
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