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AoA article

What do you think?

I think it is rather disjointed and sprawling - but also made some excellent point.

Do you think the rise is autism in ethnic groups could be due to increased vaccination rates in said ethinic groups (and not just in them "catching up" with diagnosis)?

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Do you think the rise is autism in ethnic groups could be due to increased vaccination rates in said ethic groups (and not just in them "catching up" with diagnosis)?
I think both can play a role, though I definitely believe the former more than the latter to be responsible for many of those cases. Unfortunately it seems they have widened the spectrum so far that it is difficult to dissect the study reports or even have a conversation when one parent's experience with autism is a quirky, neurodiverse kid who does some odd things and maybe isn't quite as sociable as they'd like vs. another parent who is dealing with child who is chronically constipated, has seizures on a regular basis, goes into rages and meltdowns, can't perform the most basic of functions, etc...

We live in a community with a large migrant worker population and about 15 years ago the newspaper ran an article discussing the over-vaccination of these children due to the fact they move around a lot and may not have accurate records. I also imagine language barriers to be an issue. Last week I read an article stating that children born to mothers who had high levels of pesticide exposure are at a much higher risk of an autism diagnoses. I think that is totally plausible - toxic overload! So why is it not also plausible that vaccines can also cause or contribute to a toxic overload leading to autism or other forms of brain damage???

I must admit I am little annoyed that they grouped all black women together instead of specifying which countries these women came from. I think it would make a difference if you know the mother came from Sudan vs. a wealthier and more stable country. The reason I think it makes a difference is because a woman living in poverty with very poor nutritional stores is at much higher risk for disease than a woman who has access to clean water, good food, proper housing, etc.. Also stress (they discuss war-torn areas in the report) can zap nutritional stores in the mother. So what happens to a baby when mom is generationally nutritionally poor, living under extreme stress, and then you put chemicals into both mom (all immigrants are required to receive vaccines upon entry into the U.S.) and baby?

It looks like that stats coming from this study range over 11 years and the last was 5 years ago. I would want to know if a similar pattern has continued in the last five years, what was the occupation of the mother's, how long before the pregnancy and birth of the child had the mother immigrated, what was mom's vaccine status including whether or not she received any during the pregnancy, what was the child's vaccine status, were there any totally unvaccinated children in this study, etc...
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