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Doctor Notes: Vaccination Agenda

I took my son to see his pediatrician for what seemed like bigger than usual lymph nodes around his groin. He also has a tiny red bump which I later found out is molluscum. He has had the "enlarged" (maybe pea size) glands for a few weeks, but is not sick. Since he is on the slender side, I've begun to wonder if they have been there for awhile, and are just now standing out more. I'm not sure. At any rate, My son's normal pediatrician wasn't in this day, so we saw the nurse, and these are the notes from our visit:

1. Lymphadenopathy
2. Molluscum contagiosum infection
Discussion Note
-Noted with mom that these discussions all involve infectious disease and the function of the immune system. I make my observations and recommendations confidently today based on my understanding of those things, and recommend immunizations confidently from the same base of understanding. Offered mom opportunity to discuss any questions she has about specific vaccines or vaccines generally, since she's indicated intent to defer until she's had further discussion. Mom states she has no questions today. Follow up as needed.

My questions to the Motheirng community are: Do you feel these comments are appropriate, or even accurate? I feel a little offended that the entire paragraph was about vaccines, and not about what causes enlarged glands. I think she could have added more helpful information, and I feel a little insulted that this is the write-up we received from the visit.

Has anyone's toddler had glands a little enlarged in the groin area that resolved after weeks?
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I agree. I hope you have a copy of your son's records.

I hope you got some information about how your baby got it and how your baby can heal or what you can do. Nothing is noted there. Was any kind of treatment or follow up stated?

I am sure you can look this up yourself, but here is the CDC on the molluscum -

As for the lymphadenopathy, is it on both sides?

If you do return to this practice, bring a friend or your husband. I would copy these articles or something similar and ask the doctor why the cause, treatment, and prognosis of your son's condition was NOT discussed with you. If the doctor you want to see is NOT there next time, leave.

Write down any questions that you have so that you are not blindsided by another visit. The nurse's notes say that you had no questions. I am sure you do have plenty of questions or you would not have posted here with these questions.
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Sending PM.
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