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One of my friends calls me her "alternative girlfriend" for having a water birth, no circ, using cloth diapers and glass bottles, not vaccinating, etc. I've never been called a hippie, but I don't have the look either. I have been fairly open with my friends about not vaccinating. The reaction has been mixed. I know I am secretly being judged by some people even if they don't say it out loud. I'm surprised by how little people question what they are told to do. Ever since I started researching birth options, I have become very skeptical of the medical establishment as a whole. I've learned to follow my gut and read, read, and read some more when I don't feel something is right. I don't think many people take the time to do this or they just believe that since the government or doctor says it is the right thing to do they should listen without question. I've decided not to stay quiet on the matter or others because it opens up discussion and though my goal is not to convert people to my ways, I feel it plants a seed that maybe just maybe it is ok to question mainstream philosophy.
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All the time. It's true and all.
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Actually yes. But not in an accusatory way. My cousin's told me that her hubby thinks I'm a hippy. I met him for the first time just recently and I was talking about my diapers, my wrap and how I was moisturizing with coconut oil and spreading it on my toast at the same time . My hubby just calls me his granola girl.


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A little OT but that says something about America: The land where it's possible to be TOO educated, to do TOO MUCH research, be TOO responsible, and make TOO MANY educated decisions.

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