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Anyone know about this, whether they can do this or not? I've heard stories... am just wondering whether it is true or not.

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No, they can not.

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Legally, no. But it doesn't mean they won't try to with scare tactics and misinformation.
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I've had no problem... YET!

Everytime I go they ask for my lo's shot record, and I explain to them that its the same as when she was three months old... they ask if she has an appt, I roll my eyes and say "No, she's not getting any shots." Then they walk away sooo confused!!!

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No. We've never had a problem and had WIC on and off for 5 yrs now.

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Nope. We were on WIC for a couple months and they never said much about it. Asked if we were just behind or not vaxing on purpose, I told them we chose not to and they never mentioned it again.
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You do not have to vaccinate your child to be on WIC. You can receive WIC and not vaccinate.

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Just another definite No, they can't. Some people have encountered WIC workers who try to state otherwise, but they just don't know any better.
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That's such good news. I was worried about that too.

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To Whom It May Concern:

My family’s religious beliefs prohibit us from using many modern medical tests such as blood tests, immunizations, x-rays, and most other invasive medical procedures. As such, we will be unable to provide you with an immunization record or iron level for our visits.

As a former WIC employee, I am aware that, according to WIC federal guidelines we may not qualify for WIC if our other medical and dietary factors are normal.

“Bloodwork Exemptions

Certain participants may be granted an exemption from the bloodwork requirement:

• Individuals whose religious beliefs prohibit the taking of blood (i.e., Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Scientists, etc.)

• Applicants with chronic medical conditions such as hemophilia or AIDS, if their doctor documents that they are getting medical care, requests that you not do
additional blood tests, and provides bloodwork information periodically.

These cases must be documented and dealt with as follows:

• Explain to the applicant/participant the purpose of bloodwork and its use as a reason for certification. Let them know that they may not qualify for WIC if other medical and dietary factors are normal, since Hct,Hgb/FEP results will not be available. Document in the chart that you have provided this information.

• Document the reason for the absence of bloodwork in the participant chart.

• Assess anthropometric, dietary and medical information for nutritional risk
and conduct all other steps appropriate for certification”

Codes 99/99.9 – Allowable reasons for waiving bloodwork include the following and must be documented in the client’s chart:
1. Infant is 6 months and blood work is waived to comply with CDC guidelines.
2. Applicants whose religious beliefs shall not allow them to have blood drawn.
3. Applicants with “life long” medical conditions such as hemophilia.
4. Applicants with a treatable skin disease or with a serious skin condition.


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im glad you posted this, ive wondered myself
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No, you don't have to get vax to qualify for WIC. And I just went last month. I simply gave them an affidavit stating we do not vax per religious beliefs. It was not even questioned.

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I'm in TX and when I was on Medicaid and wanted to get WIC, I was told that they would both deny my children services unless they were fully vaxed. I didn't know that wasn't true for quite some time and so never applied for WIC. Later on, I found out that that was NOT true!
They can't deny you benefits, but they can give you attitude about it. Knowing your rights is key.

Thanks for posting that, Trisha! That's awesome info to have

Best of luck, Beppie

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Another no here. Print out that page from the federal immuni. guidelines for WIC. Highlight the part where it says they aren't required. Hand it over and say per federal guidelines they can not question you or require them. Period.

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