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Bloomfield's Avatar Bloomfield 04:11 PM 04-22-2008
We're registering our 3 1/2-year old for Public Preschool here in Ohio and we do not vaccinate. She has been so healthy compared to my older 2 children, that I can't even believe I ever made them go through the trauma and risk. Anyway, I now find myself preparing to battle the Public School system and wondered if anyone had a "format" to use for school, daycare, etc. to "exempt" her from the vaccination requirement.

Our pediatrician has been very supportive of our decision to not vaccinate her and if asked, can prove how infrequently she has seen our very healthy, happy, and thriving child. After reviewing the Ohio Revised Code for Public Schools, it appears that I can quote the exception clause and indicate philosophical preference or reasons of conscience, but of course I'd like another opinion . . . anyone?

columbusmomma's Avatar columbusmomma 03:12 PM 04-24-2008
Go to www.ohiovaxinfo.jessicas-haven.com

My DS(selectively vaxed)just started kindergarten in the public school system here this year. I got the form from the school nurse and marked religious/philosophical reasons. No questions were asked. I don't believe anyone can really "question" you, just fill out the form. Also, I'm a school nurse in a public school system and when I get an exemption form, I just file it, make a note on the computer(no vax)and that's it. Never have I needed a letter from a physician, church, etc. We take the families word and the form is signed, good to go! DD is not vaxed so I'll be using a form too and expect no hassle wherever she'll go!