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pampered_mom's Avatar pampered_mom 03:06 PM 05-07-2008
We're planning on taking both our kiddos to an FP just to establish them as a patient (we're new to the area as of this last summer) - kind of a CYA thing. We're currently searching for a doc to go to and what we should do. Do you ask in advance if they take no-vaxers or do you say nothing and then just decline vaxes when they come up?

We don't do WBV/WCV, but want to do this as a CYA thing and so we have someone to go to when they're sick. WWYD?

attachedmamaof3's Avatar attachedmamaof3 03:10 PM 05-07-2008
I got tired of dealing with it in office.

I started calling first and before I told them my name, I'd ask if they took families who didn't vaccinate.

Something like this:

Me: Hi. We've just moved to the area and I'm calling to see if your office has any openings for such and such age?
Dr's office: (Usually say yes, etc)
Me: Okay. Do you have any forms or anything I'll need to fill out online before I come in?
Dr's office: answers..tells me what to bring
Me: Okay. Before I schedule my appointment I need to know if your office sees families who do not vaccinate?

My current doctor's receptionist said "Of course! Why wouldn't we?". I scheduled the appointment. I've been with them ever since and we've never had an issue.
bobbirs's Avatar bobbirs 01:01 AM 05-08-2008
I posted here on the FYT area and I knew who took non vaxers. That was easy b/c there are ppl here who live where I do.

pampered_mom's Avatar pampered_mom 02:55 PM 05-08-2008
I wish I were that lucky! There are people who live in my area, but so far all of the suggestions aren't taking new patients. I'm on my own for this one!
tanyalynn's Avatar tanyalynn 08:29 PM 05-08-2008
I get confirmation through one source or another so I don't have to deal with the hassle in person. Once I called, just like a PP, and I've gotten a rec from FYT that we haven't had the appt yet. Good luck finding someone!
pampered_mom's Avatar pampered_mom 11:33 AM 05-09-2008
We'll ask it in advance, thanks! Actually dh will be asking in advance. I'm going to make him make the appt since I want him to come with (strength in numbers kind of thing). lol...poor guy, one more thing to ask about. Would you believe how hard it is to get back to back appts. I have two kids under 4, you'd think they'd be more understanding!
SoCaliMommy's Avatar SoCaliMommy 05:53 PM 05-09-2008

No, i didn't tell the dr in advance,we don't to Well Check Ups either.

cynotgirl's Avatar cynotgirl 03:52 AM 05-12-2008
I put it out there. I wanted the doc to know I know what i'm talking about, that i've educated myself. I said that i appreciate their input, even though i knew i wouldn't change my mind. I wanted to have a good relationship with the dr, and we do. They know where we stand, and they are respectful. I think when you just avoid it, it causes conflict. When you approach it with a defensive attidute, it gets ugly.
cynotgirl's Avatar cynotgirl 03:53 AM 05-12-2008
one more note: we "interviewed" our ped. before our first appointment. That way they knew where we stand and I knew how they felt about it.

we do the wb visits. I like the office to know me and my kids, so when I call with an urgent question they know me already. It's really paid off, the dr's there know us and we have great relationships.