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Originally Posted by the_lissa View Post
I've never had a dentist ask about vax status either.
Never had that happen to us, either. We've had the same dentist, and been in the same pedi practice for years and years.
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Unfortunatly, while dr.s should be looking for "vax preventable diseases", most assume children are fully vaxed, and most of these "vax preventable diseases" are so few and far between, except for the occasional outbreak, that dr's rarely check first for them. I am opposite of most posts here, I specifically make it a point to tell them my DS is unvaxed. Usually, I'm just calling the 24 hour nurse about a symptom/s/ I am concerned about, but I always am adamant about him not being vaxed just in case. I want them to make it a point, so they will think to include these diseases in their "diagnosis" if that is ever the case. I am lucky to be in a state with philosophical exemptions, and I don't care what these md's opinions of are me, and some (more so their nurses) have made their opinions known, but I stand firm, as this is my decision, my educated and over researched decision, and it is important to me, when someone else is diagnosing my son, that they have complete knowledge. Now, if he went to ER for a broken arm, I wouldn't be standing there with my finger in their face saying "He's not vaxed" in that nasaly voice, but with respitory/fever/other symptoms, you better believe I'm telling them!!
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Originally Posted by wallacesmum View Post
I don't lie, but I can be evasive. I say we are up to date.

Is there a vaccine for cavities

actually, i read somewhere that they are trying to make a vax for the bacteria that are responsible for many cavities. some ppl are colonized w/ the bacteria that causes one to get cavities more easily and others aren't. they want to eradicate that particular bacteria with a vax. i'm sure they will just cause more unintended consequences.
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If I take a child in for a injury I have every intention of saying they are up to date. I think that will protect me from the crap they might dish out.

If I take 1 in and they are sick but I am reasonably sure what the trouble is again I will say up to date.

If I take 1 in and I am not sure what the illness is then I will be honest with them about vax status so that they will be more apt. to look for more things.

I have no trouble at all with telling them up to date since they are as up to date as they ever will be.

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With the young ones I usually lie and say I am delaying vax's...but as my dd gets older this is becoming a little absurd as she is 11.5. I have never had any issues with my 100% unvaxed kids, I always say I have consulted with my pediatrician about my choice not to vax. I also have an objection to vaccines signed by my pedi. Comes in handy.
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It's not that I'm ashamed of our decision, but I don't think it's necessary to discuss it with them. The couple times we've been, I've just said that we're delaying (and we're not, we're just not vaxing). Eventually I'll have to be forthright about it, but for now, I'm saving myself an argument.
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I would not lie. My friend says "they have everything they need." If we were in for a broken bone or something non disease related, this is what I would say. If my child was sick, and there was a chance that they had one of the diseases they vax for, I would let them know.
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