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~Charlie's~Angel~'s Avatar ~Charlie's~Angel~ 10:53 AM 06-13-2008
My son has been vaxxed up to 4 months, and we have been having such a time with colds lately. He seems to get one every time he is around alot of people. ANd its summer time, so you would think he could stay well for more then two weeks. Plus we think he is asthmatic, so we have been trying a breathing steroid for about 2 weeks. it has helped TERMENDOUSLY. My question is, did the three rounds of shots he had already received compromise his ammune system, and we need to flush them out, or wait out the toxcitity effects on his system? Will he eventually get strong enough to fight against them, if that is the problem? Right now he just has a watery runny nose, so I am wondering if it really is a cold, or just allergies. His father has terrible allergies, and they have been bothering him recently. So maybe that is all it is? Thoughts?

tanyalynn's Avatar tanyalynn 12:17 PM 06-13-2008
I just read an interesting book that may be of interest, Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, Asthma, ADHD and Allergies

It basically argues that various toxic substances trigger different problems in different people, and that these 4 conditions are all different symptoms of an underlying detoxification problem (can't deal with what's in the body, can't keep up with new daily toxins).

Vaccinations are one of many sources of toxic substances, and maybe that was his tipping point.
Gitti's Avatar Gitti 02:22 PM 06-17-2008
I agree with Tanya that vaccines may have been his trigger. They use the pertussis vaccine to induce allergens in test animals.

He is too young for detox, I would wait and see how much he outgrows all of this. Give him a few years, a few good high fevers without interference, and without medications which have to be remove by the kidneys or liver.
~Charlie's~Angel~'s Avatar ~Charlie's~Angel~ 02:56 PM 06-17-2008
Funny you should mention that. He just had his first high fever EVER about a month ago. It got up to 102 before I did give him some Tylenol. I tried keeping it at bay with a cool wash cloth, but it kept climbing. So I had to sucumb. My husbands worries about fevers, as his Aunt on his mothers side had a high fever around the time of my sons age. (she was developing normally until then) She is now in her fifties, never left home, never married, and has the mentality and maturity levels of a 12 year old. So fevers make him panic.
thefragile7393's Avatar thefragile7393 04:42 PM 06-17-2008
A naturally brought on high fever in general is not what harms. The body will not cook itself, it will only go as high as it needs to to kill what's in there. In a general healthy child that is, with a normal, non-complicated illness.
tanyalynn's Avatar tanyalynn 05:22 PM 06-17-2008
And if you absolutely feel the need to lower a fever with medicine (read more, I haven't needed to for years now, I just let them run their course), look into ibuprofen instead of tylenol. If a kid already has detoxification problems, tylenol is not the best choice because it depletes glutathione which is critical for detoxification.