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tash11's Avatar tash11 04:26 PM 06-19-2008
so the dr didn't give me any problems. but the lady at registration for daycare at the CDC did. she told me that we can only have 5 hours a week since my daughter is not "immuninzed" and that I need a form filled out by my dr saying she supports my decision. she said MD state stuff I gave her doesn't count since it is an Army daycare and has nothing to do with school. Does anyone have a link to the army regs on this?

tash11's Avatar tash11 05:08 PM 06-19-2008
ok I found this pdf: I think page 60 has what I need. but I am kinda freaked out still.....
broodymama's Avatar broodymama 05:55 PM 06-19-2008
Are you claiming a religious exemption? The guy at our local base CDC tried to say the same thing when I registered my kids for the drop-in care for if I have medical appointments. I printed out this to take in this along with my waiver:

Paragraph 3-2.b.(4) at the bottom of page 10 of this document:
tash11's Avatar tash11 06:49 PM 06-19-2008
yeah. she said my dr had to sign something for it and I told her it was a religous exemption not a medical one. now I guess chief someone is going to call me about it.

thanks for the link. it sounds like it is more for personal. does it count for family members too?
LeslieB's Avatar LeslieB 01:47 AM 06-20-2008
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thanks for the link. it sounds like it is more for personal. does it count for family members too?
Yep. It specifically states, "(4) Department of Defense schoolteachers, daycare center workers, and children attending DOD–sponsored schools
and daycare centers or similar facilities on military installations.

Religious exemption is clearly stated in that paragraph. I would definitely print out the document, highlight that sentence and go right back to them with your religious exemption.
Good luck!!
tash11's Avatar tash11 10:47 AM 06-20-2008
thank you.

I just got a call (while I was reading your post) from them. she was very nice and made me an appointment for tues to meet with the cheif health person. she said to bring my daughter and the MD exemption form. I don't know why I have to bring my daughter, but it's not like I have anywhere else for her to go. Then they said they will have me sign a waiver, probably saying that my daughter will not be allowed in school in case of an outbreak..... I am also bringing that pdf just in case....
tash11's Avatar tash11 01:46 PM 06-24-2008
we went to the appointment today. we had to wait a while to be seen. but then it was easy. it was just explaining that she couldnt go to daycare if there was an outbrake. then she actually talked about the herd theory after I signed the thing. I was just like "yeah, Ive heard that" I didn't say that I had also heard that storks bring babies..... : she was nice about it though. I don't think we should have any more problems.....