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Originally Posted by waiflywaif View Post
Well that's nice, but meningitis has been spread on airplanes. There were 21 reports of suspected travel associated meningitis cases that occurred between 1991 and 2001 (this is from the CDC).
You can't "spread" meningitis; it is a physical condition, like a broken arm, not a disease. You could spread a virus or bacteria that is prominent in meningitis cases, but you are more likely to carry them without harm than to develop meningitis.
Meningitis is an infection that causes inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord. Non-bacterial meningitis is often referred to as "aseptic meningitis."

The most common causes of meningitis are viral infections that usually resolve without treatment. However, bacterial infections of the meninges are extremely serious illnesses, and may result in death or brain damage even if treated.

Meningitis is also caused by fungi, chemical irritation, drug allergies, and tumors.

"It should be a rule in all prophylactic work that no harm should ever be unnecessarily inflicted on a healthy person (Sir Graham Wilson, The Hazards of Immunization, 1967)."
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I have removed some posts which are either in violation of our guidelines or are responding to such posts and will be sending PMs later. While it is valid to discuss how global travel in relation to one's living environment impacts our lives as non-vaxing families, please keep in mind that:
We do not tolerate any type of discrimination in the discussions, including but not limited to racism, heterosexism, classism, religious bigotry, or discrimination toward the disabled
Also remember the following:
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Do not post to a thread to take direct issue with a member. If you feel a member has posted or behaved inappropriately in a discussion, communicate directly with the member, moderator or administrator privately and refrain from potentially defaming discussion in a thread.
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Originally Posted by Katherine4 View Post
I don't live in a big city, but I live in a fairly heavily populated area with lots of immigrants. If you were me would you be any less comfortable with not vaccinating?

It seems like the doctors who are pro-vaccination but also in favor of a selective schedule are most concerned about Pertussis and the two forms of menangitis (which the vaccines Prevnar and Hib are supposed to target) during the first year of life. Should I be worried about these diseases because of the area that I live in?

If I were to not vaccinate my child, should i be changing my lifestyle in any way to protect her particularly during her first year of life when her immune system is at its weakest? (for example, keeping her away from crowded places)

At what age does a child's immune system become considerably stronger so that they are less vulnerable to disease, even less vulnerable to a bad case of the flu, which is pretty common?

Thanks so much for reading!!

I think you may be getting some conflicting advice. there's plenty of it out there (books, websites, articles)---and I think we all just have to follow our gut about vaccines vs. diseases. Having said that, meningitis IS contagious; it is not just a 'secondary infection." Healthy children DO die (or are disabled) from vaccine preventable diseases. Vaccines DO work ---if only to lessen the severity of the illness if contracted (not including the HPV vax, which we don't know enough about.) You ARE more likely to come in contact with a disease in a densely populated, un-vaccinated area (whether it's immigrant or not, may not matter) but if your child is in daycare with 15 other children, s/he is much more likely to come in contact with a disease. Handwashing is great; as is good nutrition, but it will not keep an airborne virus from speading. Now, whether a vax is worse than the disease? I think it depends on the health of the child or any underlying issues. I would be more likely to vax a healthy child (on a careful schedule), than to risk him contracting the disease if he is likely to be exposed. This likelihood often depends on your lifestyle (travel, daycare, healthcare workers, etc). A child who is already "unhealthy" may risk more by not be vaxed. These are the decisions only a parent can make. One thing that the books are helpful with, is determine an individual child's biochemical vulnerability to CERTAIN vaccines. You really should just evaluate each one on it's own merit, against your child's need/health. I have done years of research as well, and I am a selective/delayed vaxer. It's not "all or nothing" to me. I believe in vaccines---but I don't believe in the schedule; the ingredients; or mandatory vax.
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You mentioned pertussis specifically.. the vaccine is not very effective even when you receive all 3 shots... and even less so after only 1 or 2 doses. And like someone else pointed out, the series ends at 6 months when it's significantly less serious for a child. DS had his shots at 2 & 4 months and got pertussis at 5 months. It sucked for sure.... but I'd happily take that over injecting my kid with the vaccine next time around esp cause we ended up having to deal with it anyway.

Mama to two boys (1/07 and 3/09) and due with baby #3 in May.
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