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minkajane's Avatar minkajane 08:26 AM 09-05-2008
WV and MS don't have religious exemptions. WV is my homestate and this is one of my big reasons for not moving back (despite the fact that I plan to homeschool). Can they really refuse to educate a child who lives within the state? Because that's what they'd be doing. The kid's here, he wants to learn, and he's being refused a public education because of his family's religious beliefs. How in the world is this even acceptable to the boards of education of these states?

I bet if somebody fought it, it could be changed. However, it would probably take a really good lawyer, lots of publicity, and a solid background in a religion with a known refusal of vaccination (which I don't have as a Pagan). I see this as flat-out religious discrimination and it just boggles the mind how this even continues. Surely there are Christian Scientists or other recognized anti-vax religious believers in these states. So are their kids all getting homeschooled? Or getting their docs to sign off on medical exemptions? Or just slipping under the radar?

I plan on writing WV's congressmen and telling them exactly why I can't move back to WV. There's got to be something else we can do. State-sanctioned religious descrimination is just not right!

Ophelia's Avatar Ophelia 04:38 PM 09-05-2008
I don't get how they can do that, either. And yes it would take a heck of a big stink to change it.
janellesmommy's Avatar janellesmommy 04:45 PM 09-05-2008
I don't know what Christian Scientists do in Mississippi and West Virginia. I was wondering that myself. In Mississippi, it's extremely hard to get a medical exemption, because even if your doctor wants to do that for you, it has to be approved by a government health official. So I imagine the doctor would need to lie a lot and write false things on the chart, which I doubt any doctor would be willing to do.