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philia's Avatar philia 04:04 PM 09-08-2008
I am looking at PreK and K programs for next fall. I am always a little worried about turning in the exemption form and causing a stir. Do you have any success stories with this ? We are only looking at private schools. Mostly Catholic and classical christian are the ones we will consider. I would hope to just not metion vaccines and when it comes time to turn in the info I would just hand the exemption in and it would be no big deal. I think 99.9 percent of people vaccinate in my city. DH is an attorney and could put together official looking documents but I know I could still get denied. From your experience what is the best way to handle the vaccination forms ? I know it sounds terrible but I wish anyone could just forge them. My kid was vaccinated until 10 months but also very delayed.I am staring to feel a little desperate and worried. Where we live there is a lot of bussing and the public schools can't even compare to private. Does anyone play up the aborted fetal tissue card ? let me hear a story how your kid got into a priavte school with out vaxes.

iamama's Avatar iamama 04:13 PM 09-08-2008
Where I live in Oregon we only have to sign the line where it says Religious exemption. I have never had any problem. I don't need to explain myself to anyone. What does your exemption form look like?
lirpasirhc's Avatar lirpasirhc 10:50 AM 09-09-2008
i think OR is one of the few states where all schools (not just public) are mandated to accept vax exemptions. depending on the law in the OP's state, the private school could deny her exemption. if i thought that they would be sympathetic, i would play up the aborted fetal tissue. however, they would probably still want your child to get the other vaxes. maybe if you fillout what your child has had, they won't notice that anything is missing?