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Ok.... here is the reason for my starting this thread.

I have been givin the opportunity to speak on the radio about HPV Vaccination and a families view... I also have the opportunity to share as much info. as I can with the guy running the actual show. I have my view, but I don't know the ins and outs enough to really give a statistic and number and would love to find any info I can from you!

Its an opportunity to make a difference, and I could really really use the help... not to beg but PLEASE HELP

I am a little lost on the statistic and numbers and proof side of things, so anyone out there have precise information I could give that would affect the dec. of others listening?

Why would you not vaccinate with HPV Gardasil, and I really need facts and statements to go on... I am sure they are going to discuss everything about it, so I need anything I can get.
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There is a ton of information on this vaccine in the main vaccination forum, you may have better luck looking in there!
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You might want to check the CDC website or perhaps insidevaccines.com
The only facts I know are that nearly 9,000 have had adverse affects including 20 deaths. According to the show The Doctors, 16 million shots have been given so far. As someone with HPV and having had a colposcopy and LEEP I still would NOT have gotten the vaccine were it available to me at the time. I feel there has not been enough research to know what the long term effects may be but I don't have any direct evidence, or other facts. Sorry!
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There was a story about HPV on npr this morning. I posted a link on the main vax board.

After reading the store, here's what I have been thinking about doing. I don't think this would take much work, and I bet the results would be very convincing.

According to the NPR story, 26 DEATHS have been linked to the HPV vax since 2006. I'm sure VAERS would list other reactions, too. Only 12 of these deaths have even been researched, but of course, the party line is, "Probably the vax didn't really cause those deaths." Right.

Anyway, what I wanted to do was find the numbers for these ratios:

The number of girls who have died/the number of girls who received the vaxes
26 deaths/ 16 million given (# from post above, could not verify myself...)

The number of women who have died from Cervical cancer/the number of women in the US
3770 (avg per year)/150 milion women in the US

It would be ever better if the second ratio could be
The number of women who have died of vaccine-available strains/the number of women in the US.
couldn't find this one.

These stats are not exacly equal, as the first is over a period of 2 years, and the second stat is per year.

"cancer" is a scary word, but cervical cancer is not a big concern for me, *especially* since safe sex/reduced promiscuity/pap smears /(gasp!) lifetime monogamy would go such a long way towards prevention.

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He said they don't have an airdate yet, but that they were doing something called "evergreen". So he is just collecting information from multiple families physicians etc. He says it would be a meeting set up in my home and that it wouldn't be on the spot.

I just don't want to go in sounding like I am just a paranoid parent who hasn't looked at the statistics, know what I mean I obviously HAVE done research on it... But didn't save my pages.
I also thought this was a perfect time, and chance to send him information through email, so that he could really see a point outside a dr.s recommendation.

I don't want to put anyone down or anything like that, or make any comments that would make me seem as though I should be discredited... But, I know that there are some major concerns with this, one being that they are pushing mandation etc. I am pretty sure we have very similar views on this issue! So I wondered about statistics etc.

You are all so wonderful.... I have loved having mothering at my fingertips.

MaterPrimaePuellae I completely agree... it would be astounding to see the outcomes of those numbers... I found this...

Ophelia ... I have some reading to do

abomgardner417... You have my view dead on! Even if the numbers were completely safe at this moment in time, there is no way I would do it right now either... We don't know the long term affects yet.

I am going to take the advice of putting this thread on the main vaccination page... I am taking away the no vaccs stance there though, because I just want to see what comes in.
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Mothering mag did a great article. http://www.mothering.com/articles/gr.../gardasil.html

When it comes to weighing risks of the disease against risks posed by the vaccine, there are more questions. HPV is a common disease. A 1997 American Journal of Medicine article stated that nearly three in four Americans between the ages of 15 and 49 have been infected with it at some point in their life. [ 11] It is also often asymptomatic, and usually harmless: the immune system generally removes the virus before it causes problems.

There are more than 100 strains of HPV. Because Gardasil immunizes against four of the 13 strains of the virus associated with cervical cancer, it is the first vaccine to be marketed as a cancer preventative. Even though the HPV infection rate is high, cervical cancer rates have steadily decreased more than 75 percent since the mid-1950s, and continue to decline at a rate of four percent a year. This disparity is attributed to the fact that cervical cancer is highly detectable and treatable. Fewer than 10,000 women are diagnosed annually in the US with cervical cancer (compared to 211,000 cases of breast cancer), and the disease accounts for only about one percent of all US female cancer deaths.

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