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I just am looking for what other's reasons are for not vaxing. I am wanting to be a little more informed. any links or articles would be helpful as well.
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Hi! I'm not vaxing because of the toxins in the vaxes. There are high levels of aluminum, amounts of mercury, and formaldehyde in vaccines, among others. And the idea that it POTENTIALLY could cause autism is enough to stop me. Mothering Magazine had an article about aluminum toxicity in vaccines a few months back.

I've heard several moms liked reading Dr. Sears' "The Vaccine Book." I haven't personally seen it yet, so I can't attest to it.


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I started out with all the reasons of them being harmful, not thoroughly tested, crazy ingredients, etc. But now that I've learned more about the body and its functions, diet, immunology, gut flora, and how they're all sooooo interconnected, I just think the theory is really flawed. Overriding the body's natural mechanisms and even our whole ecosystem's way of keeping disease under control (ie, we are trading harmless childhood diseases for late onset of them with need for more vax, no immunity passed through placenta, susceptibility to other diseases as well as chronic illness, etc), is just insane to me.

Vaccines are not natural!!

Reading list:
Aviva Jill Romm's book, Vaccines: Are they really safe & effective?, How to Raise a Healthy Child...In Spite of Your Doctor, Take Charge of Your Child's Health

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Because they are made with toxic ingredients, they've never been adequately tested over the long term, they interfere with the body's natural balance of flora and thereby weaken the immune system as a whole, and there's ample evidence that they don't even work to prevent infection and/or disease transmission.

The burden of proof is on those who claim vaccines work the way their manufacturers say they do, and that the diseases they claim to prevent are worse than the possible side effects. Sorry, but I haven't seen much in the way of evidence. In fact, what I have read suggests that not only do most doctors not even understand how vaccines are supposed to work, but they don't report adverse reactions when they do occur because they literally do not know that vaccines are often ineffective. The manufacturers cannot be trusted to provide impartial studies of their own product, but right now that's all the studies we have.

When given the choice between my child possibly contracting a treatable illness or having a much greater chance of suffering permanent neurological impairment after being injected with these poisons, there is no choice. Vaccines are not right for our family, period.

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here's why I personally don't vaccinate:

4 all vax: Don’t know if my son is allergic to components like neomycin.
Don’t know if he has a mitochondrial disorder (he probably doesn't but still)
Formaldehyde and aluminum are damaging to mitochondria
Pork fetus products (I’m not sure which vaccines have them but know it's out there. I'm 7th day Adventist and we don't eat/ingest pork)
My baby is breast fed. No day care. No long term testing done on vaccines
No vaccine has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility.
No tests done for how much aluminum a baby can take.
Not tested individually.
One size fits all (scares me)

-ROTAVIRUS.. Too new. No long term studies. Don’t like live virus vaccines. Has traces of fetal cow blood. Seizure 1 in 1300; intussusception; sheds
-DTAP Y does a 2 4 6 mo old need tetanus? Diphtheria rare (5 cases reported annually since 1980). Pertussis 1 in 3333 chances that he’d get it. Pediarix (the only brand my doc uses) brand contains 625mcg al. 100 mcg formaldehyde. Disease is rarely fatal, with a 99.8% recovery rate. It is most serious and life threatening in children under 6 months old, but there are adequate methods of treatment available. Tetanus, there is an antitoxin, should we decline the vaccination.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, Prevnar may prove to be among the most reactogenic of vaccines. The efficacy of Prevnar appears to be very limited - 7% fewer new earaches, and 0.1% fewer instances of invasive pneumococcal disease (compared to an experimental vaccine used as a control). ER Visits, Seizures and SIDS Associated with Prevnar

According to researchers, Prevnar replaces infections from the seven
strains of pneumococci against which the vaccine is effective with
infections from the other 83 strains of pneumococci. Kids and adults
routinely carry all 90 strains in their noses and throats, even when
they are not sick.

The vaccination also causes a slight increase in middle ear infections
due to two unrelated bacteria. The infections can spread easily
because the vaccine has wiped out the seven former competitors.

When the Prevnar vaccine eliminates the seven selected strains, all
the others proliferate inside babies' noses and throats, waiting for an
opportunity to start an infection or to spread to someone else, researchers noted."
Reviews the emergency room visits, seizures and SIDS associated with administration of Prevnar as discussed in the package insert. The safety and efficacy evaluations, and federal approval of Prevnar is laden with ethical questions. Many of the doctors directly involved in the testing and approval process appear to have significant conflicts of interest. The efficacy of the vaccine is questionable and safety testing has been terribly inadequate. There are no long-term studies (i.e. more than 5 years) of the chronic, debilitating and life threatening diseases that this vaccine may cause. The fact that the vaccine is bio-engineered by combining various types and portions of bacteria should require it to undergo considerable scrutiny. Assuming the vaccine has any efficacy at all, the need for universal vaccination needs to be reexamined in light of the small number of children who might be at risk from serious complications from pneumococcal disease.
Possible Allergic Reactions
Pediatricians are warned to be ready for possible allergic or anaphylactic reactions from administration of the vaccine.
Unknown Toxicity and Carcinogenicity
Prevnar contains aluminum and according to the manufacturer there have been no carcinogenic, mutagenic or fertility studies done on the vaccine.
Relationship with Chronic Diseases
No long-term studies have been completed. One researcher sees a causal link to diabetes.
Prevnar is Administered to Immune-Suppressed Children
Prevnar is directed for administration to immune-suppressed children, a practice that apparently has not been studied for either safety or efficacy,

Fairly reactive vax. Covers only 7 strains. 96% of severe case of pc disease are caused by pc strains NOT found in vaccine. 1 in 80000 seizures. it has decreased the covered strains dramatically (these 7 used to be by far the most common).
Now, these strains are still OUT THERE, but NOW others are increasing to fill in the void. Only decreases ear infections by 9%, and only result in a 20% reduction in chronic ear inf and ear tube insertion. The pc vax was originally marketed for immunocompromised children. Invasive Pc meningitis rate 7 in 100,000. The vaccine will still protect from the same 7 strains, but judging from the MMWR, the protection from any invasive pneumococcal infection would be around 40 to 50%. this vaccine is only 40 - 50% effective

its never been studied against placebo to see if the vaccine itself is providing protection
increases the risk of local reactions and fever, especially when given with a DTaP containing vaccine.
-HIB. Not common. 25 cases/yr. treatable. Gullian Berre & serious hib inf as potential side effects. Rare disease. Infections occur most often during the late winter and spring. Vaccine has not proven to be highly effective in 41% of cases PDR, 50th Edition, p. 872-875.
Risk for DM I
-POLIO. Rare. No case since 1985. has fmdh and 3 antibiotics, cow blood serum, monkey kidney cells. In > 90% it’s a simple viral infection with recovery happening in 24 to 72 hours. You get life time immunity from disease. 0.04% paralytic polio.
-HEPATITIS B. not an infant disease. Al, fmd. Many side effects-
- MMR: measles since 1984, 55% of documented, confirmed cases of measles have been in fully immunized persons. The vax may push the incidence of this disease into the late teens and adulthood where it is more likely to be fatal or cause more adverse and long term effects.
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There have been a lot of threads about this recently, so you might want to look back a few weeks and check them out.
I have a number of links that have been helpful to me:

Hope this helps!

~ Robyn

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and Cassandra, b. October 2011


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My family does not vax because a family member nearly died from a vaccine reaction, and we have learned from that experience. For her and us, the risk out weighed any benefit.

"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic."
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