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Marnica's Avatar Marnica 06:43 PM 10-05-2008

My name is Marnie and I have a 5 month old unvaccinated son. I became interested in this issue years ago when a friend's baby died of "SIDS". When I became pregnant I started researching like crazy and what I have discovered has truly made me sick. I look forwrad to getting to know you all better.

columbusmomma's Avatar columbusmomma 01:20 PM 10-06-2008

It's good to have this wonderful wealth of info, as we continue our research!
MissRubyandKen's Avatar MissRubyandKen 01:28 PM 10-06-2008
Welcome Marnie.
japonica's Avatar japonica 03:12 PM 10-06-2008
Welcome Marnie!

My DS is also 5 months old and completely vax-free. His sister is almost 4 years old and also not had a single vax...and she's been healthy as can be.