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So, we're definitely not doing the cpox vax. DD just turned 2. From your experience, when should we try to find a pox party and expose her? An age range would be helpful. We may wait until our next DC is within the range and expose them both together. And hopefully we'll be able to find a pox party at that point. Thanks!

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Ooh you're in the pac NW. Like me. I have yet to see one mentioned, even in the Tribe areas, but since I"m still having issues with the concept ever since seeing the South Park episode about them, I don't look that hard.

But do let me know if you know of someone in our area who has chicken pox, b/c maybe I'll be over my issues by then.
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My kids had it two years ago, so they were....let's see

and six months maybe

It seemed to me, the younger they were, the easier it was for them to cope and the faster they healed. The nine yo was the first one to get spots, and she still had them when the baby was scabbing over. Baby had them all of three days, lost her scabs in a week...the older ones had scabs nearly two months.

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I would feel comfortable with my DC having them anytime after one year of age. If they got them before that I would be fine (having had chickenpox myself and breastfeeding, I would be passing on at leats some immunity to protect them during their most early vulnerable months of life so I would not actually worry about them getting them before their body was able to cope with it if they did come across it sooner...save me having to search them out hehe) - but I wouldnt go out seeking them I dont think before that.

DS had them some odd months ago. He was a little over 2 and a half. It took THREE exposures for him to finally get them! lmao All times he was exposed, the pox were fresh, the child had just come down with them and in fact, had more spots all over their body by the time we left their house - we spent hourse with them having them share drinks and foods, etc... But nothing at all until his third exposure! - We had those friends come over to our house. It wasnt a pox party but I did invite them specifically to help spread them. We dont have the pox vaccine here in the UK as routine so most children never get it and people happily spread the pox around if you want them lol. He finally came out with them 13 days after his third exposure. He had no temputure, he was not feeling ill and was eating well. In fact, if this was not an illness you could literally see...you would have never known he had it! hehe He got covered pretty well though - mostly on his back and head. Ive got it in my blog hehe! The scabs on his head took a few months to fall off.
We are currently planning another child - a bit of a larger gap than most. I am thinking I am pretty glad they will have the illness seperatly. I was lucky DS hardly blinked at it. (he wasnt even itchy! lol) But my friends children (two of them) came down with it together and she was pretty knackered by the end of the week with them because her DS had it pretty bad (surprisingly - he had only just turned a year old and had it worse than his sister who is 2 years older than him) - He looked like the night of the living dead, bless him, and was completly miserable with it! Kept her up all night long! Having two or more to look after during that time might be hard is all I am saying. But tbh, we took them as they came. I didnt think much about it - it was more of a 'someone has them, lets see if we can get them before we miss our chance!!!' situation and if I lived in America or a country where most of the children were vaccinated for this common childhood illness, it makes the chances of getting them more naturally more hard - so I would take them when I could get them without thinking much about it and if that meant all my children having it at once...so be it! hehe

So have any of you thought about getting them on holiday over this way? hehe

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Honestly I would expose at any chance. I've been looking for pox since my first was born and she's now 4 1/2. We just recently got an exposure and my kids didn't get it. It can be a lot harder than you would think to find it and then, like us, you may not catch it the first time. I wouldn't pass up any opportunity because another may not come along for quite some time!
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