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jrabbit's Avatar jrabbit 01:13 PM 12-31-2008
First, let me say that I "think" it still works. We have no need for it, though, so it's been shoved in a box for years. I've tried to freecycle it, but nobody wants it, so far.

Maybe, if I can come up with ideas for how to use it, I'll have better luck.


Mrsboyko's Avatar Mrsboyko 01:20 PM 12-31-2008
I assume you have looke for a replacement pot oinline? Maybe point out in the freecycle add that the pot can be purchaced at XXX for $XX? Many bed, bath and beyond's carry replacement pots. Does it have to have a pot for the liquid to come out or will it just flow freely no matter what? Call it a tea water heater?
Buddhamom's Avatar Buddhamom 12:49 PM 01-07-2009
Our ump has a "goody shed" where you can put usable items for people to take. You can also try the free section on Craigslist.