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dharmama's Avatar dharmama 02:38 PM 01-18-2009
I've recently been collecting teapots and cups for use at a retreat for mothers, which I will be hosting this coming weekend.

Can anyone share ideas for cleaning them -- both physically and energetically -- to get them ready for the retreat??

Mercury_Girl's Avatar Mercury_Girl 05:11 PM 01-18-2009
Salt. Seriously run hot as you can water in the teapot & then add a bunch of salt & swirl about, the salt will scour it clean. If it's copper then use a baking soda paste & scrub it. Cleans really well. For the cups use a magic eraser.
AuntLavender's Avatar AuntLavender 10:27 PM 01-22-2009
I second the salt idea but otherwise just wash them like you would your own dishes.
SageR's Avatar SageR 02:09 PM 01-23-2009
You can soak them in a water and Borax solution, then wash them by hand with dish washing liquid..
jrabbit's Avatar jrabbit 02:19 AM 01-25-2009
if you haven't spent a fortune on them and they aren't really "valuable" then just put them in the dishwasher. We created a tea-set for my DD's with thrift store purchases - they don't match, but they are functional and cute, and I don't care if they break them. (they haven't)