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e&tsmom's Avatar e&tsmom 02:17 PM 07-21-2009
Okay, so originally I posted in the Green Living section but I quickly realized that while I am completely intent on ridding my home of the toxic foam in the couches, I cannot afford to buy latex filler (or much of anything else for that matter). I do have a TON of old towels though. A TON. Do you think i could use my old towels to stuff the couch cushions? I actually considered using the old baby clothes I have because I am saving them all for my sisters and i have totes upon totes upon totes in our crawl space, btu I was afraid since the baby clothes are so small that it would not give a uniform feeling to the cushions. So, then i thougth about towels. We also have a bunch of blankets, but sometimes we need them and I dont want to have to empty out a cushion when guests come and need blankets. I have old pillows, but i want to get rid of them (I know I should probably reuse them, but the whole point for me right now is to rid my home of the last few items that contain flame retardants.) I know the body of the couch has batting and foam in it, but I cannot do much about that, so I'd like to get rid og the junk in the cushions since that is what my kids jump on all day. Any thoughts about the towels? Would it be comfy? Supportive? Any other ideas??? TIA!

zech13_9_goforgold's Avatar zech13_9_goforgold 08:01 PM 07-21-2009
stack up some towels and then sit on them for a while and see what you think. i think it wouln't be very comfortable. they don't have any give to them and wouldn't conform to your bottom. if you're really set on replacing the cushions, i would tear the pillow apart and stuff the cushions like pillows. they might be a bit lumpy, but that's my best idea.