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ambivamom's Avatar ambivamom 11:36 PM 01-12-2010
Any super ideas for me? I have a mountain of worn-out GMD prefolds that I hate to throw away. They are all shreddy so I don't know if they would even make good dust cloths! Help me out!


solinox's Avatar solinox 11:46 PM 01-12-2010
Scrubbing floors
Cleaning windows
Really any kind of cleaning you might use a paper towel or sponge for
Mopping up spills
Washing the car
Polishing shoes
Protection against bedwetting/menstrual overflow/puking/whatever
Cut into strips and use as stuffing for something like teddy bears or doll pillows or cat beds
Protecting the floor when DH is brewing beer
Stuffing leaky windows
Attic insulation...okay, I'm stretching there, but theoretically possibly I guess!

We reuse those diapers until they are absolutely falling apart...and then we use them some more! lol Makes me feel better when I insist on buying nice fluffy new ones for each new baby.
HeatherB's Avatar HeatherB 06:26 AM 01-13-2010
Moving over to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
karika's Avatar karika 06:47 AM 01-13-2010
I use my old cloths for everything... but we do EC around here, so no poop on them, except once in a blue moon or for use in clean up...not sure if that makes a difference.... I use my birdseyes for blowing my nose on, wiping up spills, if I ever get a period again I will use them again for that as I did between children before, to clean lino floors, windows, toilets (i use the stained ones for that) dusting... i use them now on bed since we went diaperless as a form of bed protection (in conjunction with other things) if you can sew, you can sut them up and serge (think that is right word, i am not crafty, yet) the edges and make reusable wipes for pee and save lots of toilet paper....
Catherine12's Avatar Catherine12 09:23 PM 02-02-2010
I find old prefolds are the perfect cleaning cloth - they really soak up the spills. You can use the serged edge for scrubbing. They are do gresat, when I run out of old prefolds I will actually be tempted to buy new ones to use as cleaning cloths.
amyamanda's Avatar amyamanda 09:24 PM 02-23-2010
When the outsides are super shreddy, I just remove the shreddy layer and there is a decent layer underneath. I compost the shreds. Haven't yet hit the bottom layer, but when I do, I will cut off the poly serging and compost the rest.
adorabelle's Avatar adorabelle 11:23 PM 03-21-2010
My mom always used hers for rags and washing windows!
Varga's Avatar Varga 12:25 PM 03-29-2010
If you have a garden, you can use them as sheet mulch