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sunflwrmoonbeam's Avatar sunflwrmoonbeam 08:04 PM 03-16-2012

I may be a dirty hippie, but I'm also reasonably vain. I won't wear dirty clothes, uncomfortable clothes, and certainly not stained clothes. Consequently, I care a lot about clothing care, and I'm trying to be more sustainable in my practices.


At this point in my life I wear a lot of inexpensive knit shirts with jeans. I usually wear my jeans 3 or 4 times before washing, but I find that my knit shirts don't feel "fresh" after a day of wear. They're slightly distorted, or something just doesn't feel right. So I only wear them for one day. It seems to me that they're not actually dirty at this point, as there's no visible dirt. Plus in ye olden days most people rewore clothing until it was actually dirty. This idea of needing a new shirt for every day of the week is rather modern and wasteful.


But how can I make them feel freshly cleaned without going through the whole laundry cycle? Has anyone done this?

Arianwen1174's Avatar Arianwen1174 04:40 AM 03-19-2012

I do something to get wrinkles out and I was thinking it might help in your situation as well. Put the shirt on a hanger, hang from the shower curtain rod (or someplace similar), mist with water from a spray bottle, and gently run your hand down the surfaces of the shirt. You could even add a drop or two of essential oil to the water in the spray bottle. I don't know if this would work quite the same as what you're thinking, but I thought I'd suggest it just in case.

WindyCityMom's Avatar WindyCityMom 05:20 AM 03-19-2012
If your knit shirts are anything like mine, they're quite thin. Mine are form fitting... Meaning they absorb and hold onto body. In essence, they -are- dirty, just not visibly so. I was them every time.. They are small, don't take up much room in the wash, so I don't mind too much. Jeans I wear until stained, which is quickly seeing that I'm usually a human napkin.
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