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howca's Avatar howca 03:27 AM 02-23-2008
Can anyone tell me where I can take regular batteries to recycle? I have a bunch and don't know where to take them. I live in OKC.

JillChristina's Avatar JillChristina 04:22 AM 02-23-2008
Is there an Ikea near you? I saw a box for CF lightbulb and battery recycling at the one near us when I was there a week or so ago.

abi&ben'smom's Avatar abi&ben'smom 06:32 PM 03-03-2008
Check out your local schools. Our dc's school recycles batteries, foil, cardboard, etc.
hippiewitchie's Avatar hippiewitchie 03:10 PM 04-15-2008
The website earth911.org has a list of places that will recycle in your area. Radio Shack's supposedly accept them as well.
wonderwahine's Avatar wonderwahine 03:11 PM 04-15-2008
we can recyle the normal small battiers for electronics at our metal recycling plant. the UPS stores around us take cellphone batteries etc.
mom4Levi's Avatar mom4Levi 05:27 AM 04-21-2008
http://www.gcycle.org/ This may help also...
greengirl_'s Avatar greengirl_ 04:01 AM 06-21-2009
Check with your city or county to see if they have a household waste disposal service. You should be able to dispose of used batteries as well as any other nasties that shouldn't really go in the landfill. We just took some stuff today to the city maintenace yard to be disposed of and we were told that there is a new regulation that you have to tape the ends of each battery with masking tape. Not sure if that is just a local thing or what, we're in California.